Sunday, May 06, 2007

High Sierra Iris Gardens

Yesterday we went to the High Sierra Iris Gardens which are not in the High Sierra, but in the foothills and are part of the Apple Hill farming community that we visit several times a year. We went a week early this year, so they weren't in full bloom, but still it was beautiful and it was nice weather, even though it was a bit windy. We have had odd weather this year so it is still green...usually we are starting to look brown in May!
The kids made friends with garden resident, Sarah, a very friendly lab mix dog. They are still a bit afraid of dogs, but getting better. Hubby and I LOVE animals so we aren't sure where this came from! J is in purple and A is in pink. D of course is in the white tshirt.
A wanted to sniff the flowers to see if they "smelled purty"! The Iris grown here are Bearded Iris or sometimes called German Iris and are so beautiful. They come in every color except red and many have intricate color designs that look more like orchids. I don't know how someone could pick out their favorite. We can't grow them here (only have container gardening because we have rock hard clay) but I am hoping when we go to Spokane that we can.
Hubby took the tripod and the remote for the camera to practice and see if we got better pics that way, but he had three helpers as you can's hard to tell with help like that! LOL
I was thinking of missing my Mom and my friends from England who are visiting in Vancouver, BC and my Mom was visiting there yesterday. I was feeling sad and also missing my friend Laura who died in September. I was thinking about her daughter and prayed for her, knowing that her Mother's Day would be even sadder than mine this year. I had just started to cry a little to myself and then this is the gift God gave me...Laura and I shared a love of butterflies and this one posed for me! :0) Technically I am not sure if it is a butterfly or a moth, but I thought it was pretty. Does anyone know of a good Butterfly ID site so I can look it up?
This photo shoes how steep the hillside was and my calves and feet hurt last night after walking all over the hillside trying not to break my ankle or fall on my face or worse yet, go tumbling down the hill! HA HA!
It is no secret that purple is my favorite color and I love pinks and purples in the garden. However, it is a surprise to me that my favorite Iris are not purple. Any flower can be beautiful in purple, but how many flowers look so beautiful brown (there are some lovely chocolatey Iris), rust, orange etc. I love seeing God's artistry in every bloom.
The kids had fun running around in the sunshine, but as you can see it was cool enough to wear turtlenecks and long sleeves with the wind.
My three little monkeys smiling for Grandma and Grandpa...J, A, D...see Aunt IS getting better to take pics of the three together! We still have to take about 25 to get one good one! LOL
A and D frequently pair they are dangling feet together.
Another shot of the butterfly/moth showing off his wings for me.
Another pretty Iris...I took a lot more 550 shots all together!
Here is A, "throwing a fit" and wouldn't join the other two!
The girls' moods change as fast as the weather at the ocean...and they are not even teenagers yet!
But D is almost always ready with a smile. He often turns his head to the side...just like his Mom, his Grandma and his Great Grandma Tisdale!
Miss J...good thing we got pictures of her before she cut her hair last night! HA HA...see pics two posts down!
Another picture of Mr. D., our little Ham!
I hope you are seeing these from Vancouver Lily, Bev and Terrence! I love you and miss you and certainly wish that we were there to visit in person! I am with you in my heart.


Heather said...

I love seeing all your pics!!!!

Paula said...

Oh what beautiful pictures of your family in the Iris's. They look like they are really enjoying themselves! I love the Iris flower and had several cuttings over the weekend in my house, boy did they smell wonderful!
I had to make several bouquets and boutonnières for a wedding and after much trial and error and work it finally all worked out and they were beautiful and did not wilt until after the wedding and the pictures were over.