Saturday, April 28, 2007

Post-Blocking Peacock Shawl

Here is the blocked Peacock Feathers Shawl hanging in my dirty window! Because it is so big it was not as easy to hang to get pictures and unfortunately the way I had to fasten it up, so that the weight wouldn't pull it down, made the left edge curl. :o( Don't look at the dirty windows. We live just a block (as the crow flies) off the freeway and it is always dusty here (and part of the reason I struggle with my asthma here).
A close up showing the crocheted cast off edge.
The point of the shawl.
A closeup of the point.
More of the shawl. If we were just another month or two down the road, I could get better light for pictures, but the sun isn't far enough south yet, so I think they are pretty, but not quite what I was aiming for. It feels good to have this done. When the girls got up from their "room time" (Nap?! HA HA! I wish!), A said, "Good job Mommy!" LOL
We have our tradition with shawl ministry shawls...each one has to be worn and photographed...that's the hug that gets sent with each one. So I'll have hubby take a picture of me in it and I'll take a picture of the kids wrapped up in it and since he did it for my cousin Nancy, I'll probably even twist hubby's arm to have his picture in it, since it is for Grandma after all! :o) The things we do for love!
Thank you for stopping by to look and thanks for the lovely comments everyone. This was a fun knit!


Cary said...

Oh Theresa, I love your shawl and especially the special thoughts that went into it! And, I don't think your window looks dirty ;D

You have so many talents, dear friend!

Hugs, Cary

Heather said...

Theresa... I love it! Like really! HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! And I agree with Cary, your window DOESNT look dirty.

Nancy said...

Beautiful job on the shawl Theresa!

ewenme said...

Theresa, this shawl is GORGEOUS!!!! As always.... your shawls have inspired me! You are such a talented woman.

Holly said...

Swoon! So beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

Lovely, Lovely!! Nice job ;o)