Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Home

There is not too much that is glamorous about living in a 35 yo mobile home, however, I am so thankful for the roof over our heads that God has given us and through the years I have had to learn over and over to "bloom where you are planted" and to make lemonaide from the lemons.
One of the things that brings me joy at our home is how beautiful the roses grow every year, no matter how far I cut them back.
One of them routinely grows over 8 feet each year!
Occasionally all or most of them bloom at once. That is so pretty. That hasn't happened yet this year, but this shows what it looks like when half are in bloom.
This is the sunset view from our mailbox.
And this is looking the opposite direction from our mailbox, a beautiful double rainbow, but only one shows in the picture.
This is a wide angle view with our roof at the left in front.
Coming down our steps to the mailbox I see the beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose bush in nearly full bloom
This is the Gemini Rose that I planted in memory of Grandma Hopkins since she and I share June birthdays. It is sometimes this color and sometimes mostly creamy with a tinge of pink blush on the tips. It was fun to catch this one with a lady bug on it!

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Holly said...

Wow! You are doing well, Theresa ;~)