Saturday, April 21, 2007

Catching Up - Another March BD

Okay there is really no rhyme or reason where these pictures end up when I upload them on blogger supposedly you can move them, but they REFUSE to be moved when I try! So I am just going to go with the flow. On my hubby's BD we went to the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary. I'll explain as we go. This first picture is a Barbados ram, named Dodge. These are meat and land clearing sheep, not much to spin, certainly not next to skin or knitting quality at any rate. But he's still a sheep so here he goes on my knitting and spinning blog.
I posted these chickens for some of my fibery friends who raise their own. They order their chicks from a company that always sends one rare breed chick along for the ride and sometimes they get things like these. Don't ask me what they are called, I'm too lazy today to look it up! :o)
My Monkeys...watching monkeys!
At the entrance you are greeted by all kinds of birds including peacocks and pea hens. This picture just doesn't do it justice, the white peacocks are beautiful in their own way.
A, my little pixie, holding her new pony she got at the zoo gift shop.
And here is D. J did not want to pose
This is Missy the Tiger. Folsom Zoo and Sanctuary is a rescue zoo. They don't breed animals or collect animals. They take in animals that are owned illegally, abandoned, have been injured and are unable to return to the wild, etc. Missy was found being kept in a 3x3 foot cage! She is really a beautiful animal!
The kids picked out
these little stuffed horses at the zoo gift shop. They were given the chance to pick any animal they wanted and they all three picked these horses. The girls were more interested in playing with them than watching the animals. The zoo has a rescued Premarin horse because mares are bred and kept in stalls hooked up to catheters just to capture their urine to make Premarin. They also have a program for adopting Premarin foals. So that is why the zoo shop has a lot of horses and other more barnyard animals, because they have rescued them too.
Here's my handsome birthday guy! We had lunch at Red Robin after we went to the zoo.
I took these pictures on the way out. All the blooms were lovely but I was definitely wheezing by the time we left. The bee is for you Shelley!
These shots showing the stamens remind me of Japanese art. I have always loved Japanese cherry blossom paintings and fabrics.
And another peacock on the way out. I had to post him since it was this weekend I started the Peacock Feathers Shawl and it is almost done. Maybe next week I'll pictures of that to show. We've all been sick and I was the last man standing so I have been feeling rotten and for awhile didn't even have energy to knit! I've been wanting to spin but my legs feel like noodles still so I will wait.

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