Saturday, April 21, 2007

Palm Sunday

D watching the choir director and holding his Palm.
D dressed for church.
J on left and A on right
On Palm Sunday the kids at church had a special song that they sang. There is a wonderful lady who works with the kids, she is a school choir director and volunteers her time with the kids. D loves it, even though he is a little young to follow all the time and we have noticed quite a bit of difference in his ability to sing on tune/key since he has been having choir practice. The girls picked out their own dresses at Target and Aunty Kathy gave them the Easter hats for their birthday.
As you can see I am catching up. If you are visiting here expecting knitting or spinning content...I'm sorry. We have all been sick and exhausted but not much going on. But since my family all live out of state, we put a lot of the kids up on the blog, so you will have to bear with me or surf on over to another blog if you get bored seeing kid/family pictures because the next few posts are here so Grandma can smile! :o)

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