Monday, September 12, 2005


This is not about knitting. This is about waiting and life and grief...sometimes these things push even knitting aside. Waiting has never been my forte! And today is a sad waiting. Nancy is "going home." Maybe she is already there. She is surrounded by her family and I know for her the journey will not be sad...hard to let go, but once she does, what JOY! As I prayed for her this afternoon the words to the old Keith Green song came to mind and I sang, "Oh Lord, You're beautiful. Your face is all I seek. And when Your eyes are on this child, Your grace abounds in me." Nancy has been a faithful servant and she will delight in seeing His face! I will miss her. There will be a big empty hole on earth. I am praying now for strength and peace for her husband and her children, her sisters, her Father (who has already watched his wife/Nancy's Mother, die from Cancer), her step Mom, my step Dad who is very close to her. Her daughter Tanya is to receive the shawl. It is to be her hug from me and her Mom!

I have been knitting on the Kiri as I wait. I need to get it done to mail overseas. It is coming along nicely and I am still worrying about having enough yarn! Because the pattern is so repetitive it is good to knit at a time like this. But since I have been knitting so much with lace weight I'm yearning for something big and chunky to knit with! LOL I have made an alpine snowflake hat and will put pictures up when I finish. And I need to put finishing touches on my daughters' sweaters, my son's sweater and block Kat's Moebius that I test knit and have been done with forever. So, even though I haven't been posting I have been busy.

This is now the second week of school for hubby and also for me homeschooling my son. This week I am seeing that it is becoming more routine than fun, but he still enjoys and I have enough resources (thanks to my Kindergarten teacher Grandmas, my Mom being a good garage saler, teacher hubby, the dollar store and being a lifelong bibliophile!) that I am able to do something a little bit different each day. It is very rewarding to see him growing and I hope he will continue to enjoy learning. This week I also start back at my Precepts ( Bible study. We are doing the book of Romans. It's a lot of homework but I am looking forward to that and I know Daniel will enjoy going back and seeing the kids. The girls will move out of the nursery and I am a little anxious for them. DD#1 is shy, plays more on her own and has stranger anxiety. But she will have her twin sister there. Since they are identical twins then I hope the people who work with them will actually take time to get to know them individually and not just as "the twins"! I am going to try and make a concerted effort to NOT dress them alike on Thursdays so that they will look more different. They may be "identical" but they are very different! My kiddos exhaust me but they are such a source of joy as well!

Well...back to reality...quiet time is over!


Judy said...

Hi Theresa, thanks for visiting my blog. The sheep blanket pattern came from the Fall 2004 issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine. It was a fun project!

Judy said...

I wanted to give you the link to where you can purchase the Fall 2004 magazine for the sheep blanket pattern.