Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Knit Blessings

Well, God and the mail man had perfect timing today. I have been too sad to post the last few days adn today has been especially hard as it is Nancy's funeral and I cannot be with my family. I keep looking at her picture on the blog and I can't wrap my mind around the fact that she is not there anymore. I accept it and I have had much loss in my life. But maybe because I am not with my family, not grieving in the physical presence of those I love, some of it seems off in the distance. I suspect this is perfectly normal. Not being there doesn't mean I can't do anything, so I have been using the time to pray for everyone who is. For the strength to endure this day, for peace of heart and mind and the ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other each day as they walk through even greater grief than my own. I have a great family and they have great church and family/friend support. We will all be okay, but we still miss her.

Well, I titled this blessings. The thing that Nancy loved second only to her love of God and family, is a good bargain and she knew where to find all the cool stuff! So, I was blessed today with my great bargains which I am sharing with you below in a picture. The lighting is not so great. Sorry. Knit Picks is a blessing to me because I cannot afford the name brand quality I enjoy from the stores right now. But I still have projects to do that need yarn that I don't have in my stash. Initially I placed the order for another skein of Cloud in Autumn to make Kiri bigger. I also got some merino to play with dyeing in both lace and sock weight, some Grape Jelly lace weight Shadow merino to make a shawl for a special person and some of their Essential sock weight wool to make a pair of socks for another special somebody. Names are disguised to protect the innocent from knowing their gifts ahead of time! LOL

No time to knit now, but I wanted to post this and I am glad for having something positive on this sad day! Maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to post about my current knitting project!

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KnitnMomofboys said...

I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time with Nancy's death. I'll be praying extra hard for you! We leave Friday am for Oregon for the memorial service and will come home Sunday. The kids will stay here with my mom. It's surprising how much each new loss brings the older ones to light. I'm just crawling up in His lap and staying there for awhile! Love to you!