Saturday, September 24, 2005

Poodle Puke? Huh?! Earlier this summer a knit blog I saw featured a "pony puke poncho" (I'm sorry that I don't know who you are to give you credit). She referred to that because of the pastel variegated yarn her daughter picked out...kind of like "my little pony" got sick all over it! :o) Well I joked to dh that my ponch is the "poodle puke poncho" (puke btw was not a word I was allowed to say growing up...I can kind of see my Mom's point! LOL). I called it this because it a Bernat's Baby Boucle in a pink/lavender/blue color. The boucle is reminiscent of poodle fur. I got the pattern free from Bernat's website and I do like how the poncho turned out, cute and basic, but I hate knitting with the Baby Boucle. It snags, tears and has a plastic like feel to it (although the ponch itself feels soft!). So, I should say that NO! I did not make this for my son. He is modeling it because today it is going to be a birthday gift. He got invited to his little friend's Princess Birthday Party! :o) He just loves to watch me knit and wanted to model it. Posted by Picasa

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