Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wildflowers In Winter #8

Wildflower's In Winter is ending this week! WAH! :o( I have been having so much fun with this. I LOVE flowers and wildflowers and they are one of my most favorite things to photograph. Theme #8 is "first wildflowers of spring." When you live in the city and you don't have opportunity for an outing, you have to do what you have to do. Thus, these first few pictures were taken at Lowe's in the nursery department! The rest were taken in our front yard. They are not actually wildflowers, but they are harbingers of spring! :o)

This is a Hellebore. I should have shot directly into the face, but the ground was covered with water and I did not want to kneel in it!

Isn't the color of this hyacinth lovely? This one (and all the others with copyright symbol) I made into cards (though they aren't posted yet).

This flower is known by many names like climbing lilac vine and Happy Wanderer.

And the tulips were what brought me there with my camera in the first place. Isn't the sunlight gorgeous?

The pink flower popping up above the red and white intrigued me.

And here's one more with red and white tulips. I am hoping the colors come across okay in these pics as I am posting this from my laptop. The lighting is so different than my desktop so when I edit them, I'm not always sure what it will look like when it comes up.

Every year as soon as it gets warm enough I plant pansies in all different colors. Most year they only last a month or two because of our heat, but they are worth it to me. Each blossom is like a small painting by God. Even on the same plant, they can be very different in their coloration. Each one gives me a little thrill! :o)

These are miniature dahlias. I don't have room for the big ones so I enjoy these.

Look at the critters I found on the daisies...I don't know if they are friendly critters or if I should beware!

See that pink petal pointing out of the center? I tried to brush it off, thinking it fell there but, that's where it decided to grow.

Well, this came out too dark, but I posted it anyway. Look at all the petals to say "He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me..."

These are something in the chrysanthemum/daisy family that the girls picked out and they are blooming to beat the band!

These are my favorite flowers... my kiddos! Here they are with their science project. They really are excited, thought I couldn't garner a smile for love nor money! lol These are the flowers that will be planted in our planters soon...or maybe in a month. They are also having fun growing sunflowers and they really are incredible. If you sat there long enough you could see them grow, up to 2" in one day! It's a lot of wow factor for the kids. I love science and I want to get them interested in it when they are young like my Grandma H and Aunt Grace did for me.

Thank you Elizabeth Joy for sponsoring this. This has been a blast! And thank you to all the participants. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful flowers. Thank you to everyone who voted for D in the last week's art contest. He is so excited to have won!


Elizabeth Joy said...

Beautiful! My favorite is the first one you posted. I've got to get some of those growing in my garden.

Dorothy said...

Your photos are so lovely! I especially like the tulips. They will make lovely notecards. Don't forget our barter - I would love to trade ladybug collars for the girls' dresses for some notecards.

ellen b. said...

What a wonderful flower photographer you are. These are amazing photos of beautiful flowers!! I love them all...

Donna B said...


Love the picture of your kiddos....we'll be starting some seeds this week!

La Tea Dah said...

I love all the flowers you posted! Very pretty! And the prettiest of all are your kiddos! They are darling!

Melissa said...

I *love* those tulip photos!!

Big Fat Loser said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers. I never would have thought to get photos from Lowes. Your garden must be pretty spectacular.!

The photo with the "errant" pink bit was interesting. Made me think of myself - :-0