Tuesday, March 25, 2008


For those days when you just have to laugh or you will cry, God often sends comic relief in the form of children. While taking care of some business online, I overheard this in the children's room, next to me:

D: J, Did you know that you are the only left handed person in our family?

J: Nuh-uh, I have a right hand too!

It is interesting that J is left handed and A is right handed as they are identical twins. Handedness is effected by genes and also by hormones in the womb, so I am guessing that is where it comes in, although my Dad was a great South Paw pitcher and his Grandmother, my Great Grandma Bea, was left handed as well. It doesn't slow J down any, and for that I am glad! :-)


Teresa said...

That was cute! LOL My son is a lefty too...just like his Daddy.

Wool Winder said...

Thanks for the smile today. So cute!

Carissa said...

Too funny! My mom is a lefty, and we have learned to reverse all of her directions since she always means right when she says left! She only managed to stay a left in school because she had her appendix out when they started handwriting. I'm so glad that they don't make kids change anymore!

sherriknits said...

I'm a total lefty and it's never slowed me down one bit. :)