Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wellness Wednesday #20

Hello Everyone. I have had a long, hard day and have really debated about even posting. I feel awful, mentally, emotionally and physically and I have a bad attitude! There I have it out in the open! lol Nothing really awful has happened, just a long string of mostly little, some medium things that have made it one exhausting day. The kids are just wound and cranky and I think that has some to do with Daddy working such long hours and being gone so many nights with this U of P job application/training. God bless you Kimberly, who is doing this 24/7 while her Hubby is deployed! This makes me think of you and reminds me to pray more often! End of whine.

So, I changed my mind because a lovely lady in Australia took the time to email me since she couldn't post a comment, and told me she found it helpful! It was like God was giving me a little pat on the back of encouragement or maybe a boot on the behind to finish my pity party and get on with the regularly scheduled program! Thank you.

Well, the weight today wasn't good: 316# I am not going to get overly depressed and focus on that, though I will be careful it doesn't go up any higher. This has a lot to do with celebrating Hubby's birthday two days in a row, the time of the month and still not exercising. I realized that this is post about 5 months we have been doing this together! I feel like I need a little jump start to get back going, but that I am doing okay. It honestly feels more like exhaustion and life craziness than a food issue.

Speaking of exercise... how did all of you do? After posting on the blog last week, my Mom kept on going nearly every day on her treadmill. WAY TO GO MOM! I'm so proud of you! :o) Would you all pray that I can get to sleep at night so that I can wake up early enough to get up and exercise? I really want to start up again.

And are any of the rest of you getting tired of winter fare? Since deciding to purposefully eat in season, I have been so hungry for grapes, tomatoes and other yummy summer foods. Mostly just craving fresh, raw food and I think that's a good thing. Soon. It will be soon. Especially here in CA where it warms up faster than most of the country.

Today we went grocery shopping and I picked up my bags of wheat and spelt. On the spelt bag was a quote that I think fits my opinion of the cost of eating health/ier:

The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Author Unknown.

I wanted to share more with you today but the brain is fried and I will leave it at that and come back next week, hopefully as a gentler, kinder Wellness Wednesday Woman! :o)


Teresa said...


I'm sorry you're having a rough day! I know those kind of days can be very trying. I pray that you sleep well tonight, get up and exercise in the morning, and have a much better day tomorrow!

I have not been doing well with my exercising either. I told Neal earlier that I will get up and exercise in the morning. I'm always so glad that I did it energy level is so much higher! I need that right now.

Hang in there, my friend!

Cathy said...

Hello Theresa

Heres another Aussie who finds all your posts helpful :))

I love reading your blog as you are able to talk about so many varied subjects.

I feel like I'm there in the room with you whilst you talk about troublesome but dearly loved little ones, crafty things you have enjoyed doing or are waiting to be done, meals you have cooked, exercise you should be doing (we all can relate to that one lol) and your life in general

Take care


Charlotte said...

It is hard for me NOT to
be "all or nothing" with exercising. I feel like, if I don't do what I planned, I failed and it's no good-won't make a dent. But, over the past year, I have been making a point to even do just 10 minutes of something, sometimes walking in place, sometimes sit-ups because after a C section 5 yrs ago my stomach, esp lower, has not been as strong and my back feels much better if I do a few. And it doesn't affect my WEIGHT maybe, but it really helps me be happier. And healthier, I'm sure. Esp my back and my bones, as weight bearing exercise helps that. Do WHATEVER you can, and then give yourself a gold star.