Saturday, March 15, 2008

Capitol Air Show and F for ABC Along

I am a day early for this ABC Along post, but since I have been late more than once, I figured that was okay! :o)

F is for flying, family, fun, fighter pilots/plane, Fat Albert, famous Blue Angels and focus.

The California Capitol Air Show is this weekend. The last two days I have taken the kids out to the front to see the practices. It was so pretty outside, that I took a picture of our humble little home. The roses had a tough year last year and this year they seem to be coming back nicely. We have been enjoying all the flowers too, which we are planting in the pots you can see because our soil is ROCK HARD CLAY that is near impossible to dig. The only reason we have roses planted in the ground is that I took out the juniper bushes and that broke up all the soil! Above our house you can see a "zoom" as D calls it, or more properly known as a condensation trail or con trail. Since I have lots of pics to share, I made them extremely low resolution, so I apologize ahead for the pixelation but I also didn't want to overwhelm those of you with dial up.

It was kind of fun to watch these guys practice. One is a biplane and I don't know enough about planes to tell you about the others, but they are older type planes.

And I always enjoy seeing the old and new next to each other, it's such a contrast. It's kind of like seeing an elderly person holding a new baby. It speaks to me.

Here you can see that the planes were different colors as they fly in formation.

And this churns my stomach because it seems like it would be harder in an older style plane without all the technology to pull up out of one of these dives or spins.

We think this might be Fat Albert (click on index at right) but we are not sure.

It is nice to be out as a family enjoying this. Here is A and D playing in between aerial displays.

And this is J laughing histerically at the songs Mommy was singing to her. She insists on wearing this snowflake scarf from one of their teddy bears.

The Blue Angels have got to be my favorite. They were here two years ago and last year the Thunderbirds were here. They are good, but not as fast or aggressive and they are more difficult to photograph since they are mainly white. The Blue Angels have also chosen a flight path closer to our home, which is nice for us! :o)

Here they are inverted.

Diving downward in a circular sequence.

A couple came so low and close that the car alarm went off on our neighbor's Corvette and my right ear has been in pain ever since. (I have a cold and lots of pressure so it really hurt! At first I thought I burst my ear drum but it seems to be gradually getting better.)

D thought it was so cool that the planes have numbers on them!

This is one of my favorite shots and D likes it too because he is 6!

They look slow here, but it is amazing that I got any pics halfway decent because they go so fast!

Climbing upward.

This is to show you how close they are. This is the neighbor's pine tree!

This shows a black speck in the bottom left...this is a bird. Several of our pictures have specks and I thought that we had dust on our sensor, but when we checked pictures on the big screen, we found out they were birds! LOL What were they thinking as this happened?!

It amazes me how close they fly to each other. Pretty scary and impressive!

We hope to watch it as a family today, now that Daddy is home with us. Thanks for joining me for the letter of the day, the letter F!


Teresa said...

Those are really awesome pictures! How neat that they were right over your home. BTW, your home is really cute, and your flowers add so much! Very nice!

You asked about my bread. Most of the time I let my bread machine mix it and then I take it out, roll it out into a rectangle, and then roll it up and place it seam side down into my pan. I have air pockets a lot, but this last loaf was worse than normal.

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Great pictures. I have been to see the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels many times. My cousin actually flew with the Blue Angels for a few years. That is Fat Albert by the way :)

H.N. Eisley said...

I could NEVER get tired of watching those! Great pics TJ!!!

Elizabeth Joy said...

Wow! You got to see this from your house? How cool that it! We would have been watching too, if we could.

Your flower pots look nice.

Phro5gg said...

You got some great shots. I too have been watching them practice for the past few days. The jet noise kind of scares the cats!

Lynette said...

Thanks for the pictures! Missed the show as we were on our way to Monterey. Did see a crop duster outside of Stockton. J got to see first hand what his grandpa did & how low they fly. We watched the pilot fly under the wires.