Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blue Angels Part Two

Hubby, Kids and I watched the Air Show from home yesterday and had a lot of fun! The pictures we got from the show were different than practice and so I wanted to share a few more for my family. Bear with me everyone, I promise this will not become an aviation blog! :o)

Did I mention, they come very CLOSE to our house? Close enough to vibrate the house and set off car alarms and cause pain to congested ears!

Close enough to stimulate excitement and draw neighbors out to the middle of the street and chat with those they have not yet met.

Close enough to stir up dreams in young boys who change "what they want to be when they grow up" by the minute.

Close enough for "big boys" to dream what it would be like if they were flying into the clouds!

Close enough for photographers all over town to get in strange positions to get the best shot!

Close enough to each other to cause fear, wonder and admiration.

Close enough to Heaven to make me wonder, what it is like up there! (This photo is courtesy of Hubby...can you see how CLOSE they are to each other in formation?! That is FOUR planes!)


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

We have trainer jets like this flying over just about every day and it's so amazing. I've asked Jim that if I go before him, that he have my ashes spread over the ocean out of Thunderbird or a Black Hawk.

sherriknits said...

And close enough to cause a goat to give birth every time they passed! I heard that on our news this morning and thought of you.

Big Fat Loser said...

Hey, My roomie wants to know what kind of camera you have.