Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wellness Wednesday #23

Hello Everyone! First of all my weight is still at 312# and I think my body is in hibernation! LOL There were some things I wanted to write you about today but we are having an impromptu get away for my daughters' 5th birthday! Our first Bible study starts this morning on the Book of Mark and I am supposed to be packing so we can leave right when Hubby gets home. In between I have to run to Costco and (find) and wrap birthday presents, all with the help of 3 curiosos! LOL I do want to tell you that we just got done eating homemade whole wheat bagels for breakfast and they are so good and so easy to make; you should find a bagel recipe and try it! Later I'll be posting pics and info on my other blog.

Lastly, I am late and behind in everything in life. I owe many of you email replies and I apologize! My lack of answering is NOT lack of caring. Just busy and overwhelmed. I appreciate everyone who has written to encourage me - it's greatly appreciated!

So, back to the regularly scheduled Wellness Wednesday next week. Keep on your journey and let me know how you are doing if you like!


Big Fat Loser said...

Keep up the good work, Theresa. You WILL notice a weight loss.

When I'm stuck at the same number, I have to remember that this is really about adopting a healthy eating lifestyle.

I know you know that, but I just want to encourage you. :-)

I am proud of the work and changes that you have made. And I feel privileged that I get to be part of the journey with you.

And I'm loving the comments you've been leaving at my blog. Thanks for letting me make history with you. :-)

Charlotte said...

I'm proud of your hard work, too!
Sigh-I just got over a nasty bug, so I haven't kept up with my exercise much this week. I feel pretty yuck. But, I was taking the stairs at my new job last week! Every little bit counts, right?