Monday, December 10, 2007

I Love Surprises

Today I received my swap box from Cheryl "Flo Peep", my secret sister in the Christian Artisans' Coffee, Tea and Thee swap. I love surprises and this little box was like all the clowns filing out of the little car at the circus! LOL More surprises kept coming out of the box! There is a bump of multicolored roving, which will be nice because I happen to know that the present in my Christmas stocking is going to be another drop spindle! :o) The two skeins are Brown Sheep's Wild Foote sock yarn in blue/red. I've always wanted to give it a try. I may make some socks for my son with this because he always enjoys watching my projects but they end up being for other people, usually girls/women and I think he feels left out! Standing in the back is a box of cinnamon shortbread cookies (hmm...3 are already missing! lol). Then there are two cans of specialty flavored cocoas, a tea strainer and in front 6 bags of different herbal teas. Technically they are tisanes (herbs, but no actual tea leaves. I don't care for actual tea.) and she picked a few nummy ones like chamomile vanilla. I think these will be good for breaks during my organizing that I hope to do while hubby is home for his Christmas break.
Oh, Cheryl is very sweet and wonderful, but she didn't send the home baked bread! If you would like to know more about that, please head on over to My Journey To Wholeness.

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Carissa said...

What a great package! The roving looks just yummy, and so do the treats!