Monday, December 03, 2007

A's Anatomy

Every day we have been making fruit and veggie smoothies in our Vita-Mix. Last night I was relaxing in the recliner with a pineapple smoothie that hubby made and A came and sat with me. 4 yos are wiggle worms so she couldn't get situated at first and kept pressing her elbow into my chest. Finally I told her to sit still and quit poking my chest. So, A, who is in major question mode about everything at the moment, says, "Why do you have a chest?" I always speak frankly (but age appropriate) with my children about these things. So, I told her, "God made women that way so that when they have babies they can feed them milk. When you and J were babies, that's where you drank milk and if you get to be a Mommy when you are a lady, you can feed your baby too." She thinks a moment and says, "I'm already a YOUNG lady!" (Echoes of my own voice saying, "Young lady, start picking up right now!" go through my head. LOL) She sat there thinking a moment and then said, "Yep. That's where babies get their milk and smoothies!" I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. Hubby too! Nursing twins, you do tend to feel like a moo cow at times, but I never new I was dispensing smoothies too! :o)

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Amy said...

When my husband was little - his brother was a nursling, so I'm guessing less than 3 yrs old - he had it all figured out! One side was milk...the other was chocolate milk! ;-)