Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Keep Missing You

Today would have been my brother Danny's 40th birthday. It doesn't matter how many years he has been gone, I still keep missing him! I'll never wrap my mind around why God took him when he was only 5.5 years old, but I do keep trusting God that He has a plan. I don't dwell on his death, but I never want to forget his life either. I am confident that he is at peace. I look in this little baby face that is looking up sideways at our Daddy and I wonder what he would look like today. As a small child, he looked like Grandpa, but he had a touch of Mom in him too. After Jesus, his face will be the first I seek in Heaven!

I will never forget you...

Daniel Albin Johnson December 4, 1967 to May 1, 1973

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Melissa said...

So sad :o( I wouldn't expect that you could get over such a thing. Loss is hard at any age, but you lost someone close very early. You should remember him as often as you like.