Monday, December 24, 2007

December 23rd

Our family was "adopted" by a local family here. We really feel almost guilty because God provides so much for us, even when things are tight, there isn't really anything that is a "need". This pile of presents and gift cards is just obscene! D, A and J on the right who was crying because she wanted to open them all right away.
A watches J open the first package. Each child received a shirt, a small gift, a big gift, a game and gift cards to Barnes and Noble. The family received a few other games, an entertainment coupon book, a grocery store gift card and Mom and Dad each got a Barnes and Noble gift card too. An additional $100 gift card was for the store Toys That Teach, so that we can get some things for our little school. Their generosity was VERY OVERWHELMING! We cannot thank them enough!
Here are the kids D, A and J with their games. We let them open them up on Sunday because there was so much we figured it would be better not to open everything on the same day.
This is D. You can't tell in the pic but he was so excited and waving this book around. They gave him the same Cars movie book that he had put in his box for his boy for Operation Christmas Child. He had wanted that book so bad, but had given it to "his" boy instead. Now he has one of his own!
The girls got a lot of fun stuff including dress up sets. Daddy was a good sport helping them get all prettied up while Mommy took pictures!
Here's J showing us everything. You can't see the high heeled shoes with purple feathers and rhinestones that are on her feet.
This is A, who is a litte diva anyway, so she was in her prime with all the girly stuff. This Christmas is the first time that they have really had "girly" toys. They have been playing with gender neutral toys for almost five years but they are really wanting girl things now and asking for them. So, this was a good choice for them.
Here's A with butterfly wings and a damsels hat with the veil flying to the front instead of the back.
And here's A with her new fake smile she has been giving lately. She has butterfly wings and a bridal veil. :o)
It's usually hard to get good pics of J, so it was fun to get a couple of her actually posing with all her new finery!

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H.N. Eisley said...

THAT is awesome. i can't think of a better family who deserved it! Merry Christmas you all!