Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ups and Downs of Life...

This last week has been difficult at best. I just wanted to post a note so that those of you who might be wondering why I haven't answered my email etc will know. My husband was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and has been sick almost two months now. Tuesday his heart went into Atrial Fibrillation which was pretty scary! Let me tell you we spent a lot of time on our knees praying and too much time in the Kaiser Morse hospital! UGH! He is home now and stabilized but we are still waiting for Kaiser to call and move up the time for his thyroid scan. He will not be able to be treated for thyroid until after the scan and as long as he is not treated for thyroid, he runs the risk of A-fib reoccuring! Please pray for my Tim!

Also, please pray for our dear friend Laura. She may be coming to the end of her cancer battle. She is in the hospital again. I may know more tomorrow.

Obviously my mind has not been in the right place because I need to visit the frog pond with the Swallowtail...I used size 4 US needles instead of 4mm! Makes just a little difference, uh huh! I wondered why it was growing so slowly. At the rate I am going it would have made a nice head kerchief! Back to the drawing board. Well, I was not totally thrilled with the colorway for the pattern anyway. Back to the drawing board!

Sorry this is short and choppy, just wanted to post a note before I fall asleep. On a happy note, I talked to a new friend who is in the women's ministry at church and she told me that our church will be starting a knitting group soon! :o) Yeah! That will be a nice way to meet some of the other gals.

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