Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Shelley!

This is my best friend Shelley - Please jump on over to her site and give her birthday greetings! :o) Last year we took her to Yosemite for her birthday. If you want to see more Yosemite pictures, click on Yosemite in the Labels section at the right.

Sometime in 1992 Shelley came to a women's Bible study at my church, that my Mom also attended. My Mom told me she met someone who would be good to be friends with. We met in passing, but at the time I had my head in the clouds (or in the ground!) and was engaged to be married, so I thought she was nice but since I wouldn't be living there much longer, I didn't think about developing new relationships. It's a good thing that God knew better! I came to my senses, called off my engagement and had lots of free time... enough free time to get to know a new friend!

By Christmas that year, Shelley and I moved in with another gal, Kathy into "The James House". That was an adventure. Kathy moved on and ended up marrying a Quebecois and now lives there in Canada. Shelley and I went on to the next house, then two more apartments, living together for almost 5 years. I put her through a lot. It was the most trying period of my life. But she hung in there and stuck by me. December 27, 1998, she stood by me as my Maid of Honor as I married Hubby and my life took a big turn.

Nothing could separate us though. We have been through thick and thin, dating disasters, parental deaths and some laughable experiences. We've backpacked and camped and taken vacation together. We have cried until we laughed and laughed until we cried (and now that we are OLD, until we peed! LOL). She is a friend not only to me but my family and is a great Auntie to my children.

At the end of the month, our adventure will continue as Shelley and I take the kids to the ocean for a three day weekend! We are all excited!

Happy Birthday Shelley! I am so glad you are my friend, my sister, my SPICE! :o) I love you!

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