Saturday, July 26, 2008

Catching Up

This morning I had a post completed and Internet Explorer freaked out and the connection to the wi-fi spaced out and I lost everything. Hopefully tonight it will be fine. It's almost tomorrow morning!

These pictures are from Thursday when the kids had a blast using their new green Lego bases to build on. The girls are progressively becoming more creative and it's fun to watch them grow this way.

D was very excited to have Daddy see everything that he made with his new Indiana Jones Legos.

Here's a close up. That's all we ever hear about. They even play out stuff being the characters that they have seen in the Lego short movies.

Here's J... who knows why she made this face?!

A close up of J's creation. A had already put hers away so no pictures.

Here J is putting the finishing touches on her project before I could photograph it.

Thursday afternoon the kids had fun playing outside and Grandma and Grandpa made cheeseburgers on the grill for them.

While I was working, the girls picked these flowers for me and brought them into the office.

Then we all went to bed, except Mommy who stays up til Midnight to get everything done! :o) Here's Grandma and Grandpa looking like Borg in their CPAP masks!

I wanted to get some sleep without any one's feet in my face or arms in my stomach, so D slept in the living room... didn't take long to go down for the count.

Friday on the way to Shelley's we stopped at the cemetery. I know some might think this is unusual, but the children understand death a bit already since our dear Laura passed. And they know that because they have Jesus in their hearts they will go to Heaven and seen Papa Dan, Laura, Uncle Danny and others who also have Jesus in their hearts. So I took them to see where my family are buried. This is my Dad's head stone.

My Dad is next to my Grandma and my little brother Danny is at Grandma's feet.

Here is Grandma's headstone. When I told the kids we were going to stop at one more, A kept saying, "Is this your friend who died? Is this another one of your friends who died?" LOL I explained to her that I don't know all the people who are in the graves. This cemetery does contain the physical earthly remains of my two great Grandparents, one grand Uncle and one grand Aunt, one Grandmother, one Dad, one step Dad, one brother and one baby cousin. But I don't know everyone else! :o)

My step Dad Andy is buried in front of this tree by the pond. We always laughed that he was buried by the pond since he couldn't swim in spite of the fact that he was in the Navy and fought in the Pacific during WWII and Korea.

Andy's head stone. Both my Dads were way too young when they died!

We sat in traffic in Seattle, Federal Way and Tacoma. Yuck! I hate the city. I like some of the things the city contains but NOT traffic! When it was really bad, D decided to pray. Then A prayed and then J. The girls prayed that the cars in front of us would get out of our way! LOL Then after the traffic moved A prayed to thank God for moving the cars out of our way. J thought that was "nice of them to do." :o)

At Shelley's house we were greeted by the Pug Patrol. This black pug is Odie, there is a fan pug named Frankie and Shelley's pug named Kala.

Naturally Odie and Frankie had to supervise our packing from the window! :o)

After we were on the road for awhile we stopped at Duffy's in Aberdeen (no need to do that again - expensive for mediocre food!). This is J, Shelley, A and D.

D, A, Shelley and J in the restaurant.

Here are the kids playing with the string toys the restaurant gave them. They had a blast with these.

J gave Aunt Shelley a big hug!

Coming out of the restaurant, the sky was beautiful.

This is along the river outside Hoquiam.

We got into the motel in Forks late, about 10:30 PM. We were exhausted but looking forward to the beach!

Before going to bed we talked to Daddy. J and A (on phone) in the first picture and a closeup of J in the second.

Here are the girls when I woke up this morning! :o)
We had a slow day today but fun. The weather is not the greatest and so most pics are gray! I won't have time probably to do a blog update for several days.
We love you Daddy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely time. The pictures, again, are wonderful. I'll continue praying for you all.

Teresa said...

What fun going on vacation with you! I know you're doing this mostly for your husband, but I'm thoroughly enjoying your trip! :o)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Theresa, I have been a bit "blogged out" lately (or should I say, my FAMIILY has) I just stopped by to see you and noticed you are on vacation. Great pics! Fun times! I'm off to see more. I think I'll skip down and read in reverse which is forward. : ) So glad to see that you are up in the coolness of Washington that you love so much. It's warm and breezy today ... one of those great summer days that lead into a fantastic evening. Have a great day.

Scrabblequeen said...

Love your nature pics! Glad your trip is going well.