Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 3 and Wellness Wednesday

Today was a busy and tired day. I spent most of the time getting situated with all our stuff and unpacking. But I started the day with a 3 mile walk with Leslie Sansone. It was a struggle. I am still having breathing issues, which seem to be related more to my fluid retention than my asthma. Because of this I am staying an extra day before heading to Shelley's for our trip. Today, I also went shopping for that trip to the ocean (more interesting pictures coming!) and guess how many steps I took today? 13,101! That is by far the most I have done since wearing the pedometer and only the second time over 10,000. The scale was disappointing though. When I left Monday at home, my weight was 310#! Yeah! This time last year I was 335#! But my Mother has a demon scale! LOL It says I weight 324.4#! I'm not retaining that much fluid, nor did I eat that much junk food! :o) It certainly is harder to stop eating junk/sweets, once you taste it a few times. My body is craving a salad about now!

When we got home we went out to play. These first two shots are in my Mom's beach garden which has lots of grasses and I thought they looked pretty in the light.

One of the bird baths.

Fuchsia - something I don't see often in California! The heat melts them! LOL

One of the many birdhouses on the lot.

This maple is one of the newer trees that has been planted and the rich colors were beautiful with sunlight streaming through.

J and D were quite engrossed in playing in the sand.

A on the left was pretty determined in her play and it looks like she didn't want to be interrupted!

Mr. D. had a lot of fun too, but it was COLD for us! Lower 60s with the wind blowing!

The view from the back yard - the neighbor's Herefords (aka Hamburger!).

Another bird house.

We started reading the first chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A didn't make it all the way through. This chair was my Grandma's and Mom had it reupholstered.

J stayed awake until the end, but was in a daze...sleeping with her eyes open. Behind her on the left you can see the foot stool to the previous chair. This was Grandma Hopkins' table, which her Daddy got her for a desk. Later, her husband cut the legs down and made an ottoman for her.


Teresa said...

Wow! I'm so proud of you to have exercised on vacation! I wouldn't worry too much about the scales sounds like they weigh differently.

Continue to have fun!

Marci said...

Hang in there Theresa. A different scale can really be totally out of line with yours. I just had the same issue. We got a new scale so it showed I lost nothing, but I am sure I did.

Lynette said...

Different scale, different state LOL.

Lee said...

I know that chair, the cabin in MI had a chair just like it, and I loved it. The arms are carved like a goose head and neck, and it rocks. Nice weather-60's, I bet you are freezing after have temps over 100 degrees. I love your Mom's beach garden. I think you are doing great in the weight dept. Way to go with the walking too:)

sherriknits said...

So you're in our fine state now, sorry it's been so cold.
You're headed to the ocean? What part? I've been out for the count this whole week and won't be in my shop for the rest of the week becasue stomach flu has hit our family. I'm supposed to be out of town this weekend if I ever get over this!

SNOWBIRD said...

Years ago I remember my grandmothers chair like the one in the picture of your sleeping "A". My cousin in MI now has that chair in her home. What great memories your chair has evoked. Thanks for the great post.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I LOVE fuschias! I have my "babies" on the deck under protection. Severalhardier types in the front gardens survive the winter, but they always die back and start over again in spring. I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! ; ) Beach gardens have a particular magic that you just can't duplicate (the chilly breeze goes along with it).

Forget the scale and keep on walking, eating those salads, and spending time with those kiddoes -- they are the BEST inspiration for good health!