Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wellness Wednesday #31

Hi All! I'm writing at the end of a very long, but nice day. My last day being 41! :o) I started off the day with some good news... 315#. So, the exercise is helping the weight to start going down and I am really motivated to keep doing it. The last two days I have struggled a little bit because the air quality is so poor that my breathing suffers and I have had a migraine. So, I have done a smaller workout, but still working out. At this point I am a little nervous that if I break the rhythm, I will fall out of practice, so I am trying to allow myself just Sunday off and one other day of the week only when necessary.

And, last Friday I attained 10, 084 steps! This is not going to be possible when I am at home (unless I exercise a four mile work out). So I am trying to think how I am going to deal with this on days when we are inside due to weather and don't want to leave. My goal is to keep it consistently above 5,000. Our place is so small that this is a real challenge. And somewhere today I have lost my pedometer! I hope I find it soon.

Sorry this is short, but I am tired and have a fun day planned tomorrow.

I am behind in answering email and comments. Sorry! I do love hearing from you and what you are doing - are you making your goals?


Anonymous said...

Wahoo for you!!!! Way to go. :-)

I am starting a walking program this Saturday. Hopefully that will help me tone up, lose weight, and strengthen my heart.

Thanks for your posts, they keep me going.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!! A very Blessed year ahead.
Walking for me is the ultimate everything healthy tool. It is good for my body - I've been walking more lately with the sheep and have gone up 3 notches on my belt :o) (don't have a scale). It makes me feel mentally more awake and alert. I have struggled with depression in the past, but walking really makes me 'feel' good. Happy. Walking puts me out in God's world (even in the city if I walk there) to see all the amazing things and people He has created.
Lets see.... I am physically stronger because of it, my lungs and heart are stronger, I'm getting more vitamin D.... um.... Gives me uninterupted time with the Lord.... what can be better than walking? Keep up the great work Theresa! Way to go!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you so much in the coming year. Glad to hear the walking is helping. Sorry the weather is not cooperating. It's not cooperating here either, rain, rain and more rain, so I've gotten out of the habit. But I have been working on diet - baking more whole wheat bread. I've borrowed a grinder, but have my Nutrimill on order. It's backordered, but will hopefully ship in early July!

KivaJane said...

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