Monday, June 23, 2008

Three Things Meme

Amy tagged me for a meme and since I'm tired from the smokey air and chasing children, I think I'll participate. I'm tagging anyone here who wants to do it!

Three Things…
…THAT SCARE ME: losing a family member, those I love not loving God, losing the liberty to raise my family as God asks me.
…I LOVE: God, my family, and creativity.
…I HATE: phony people, distortion or lies about God's truths, pickled/sour foods.
…I’M DOING RIGHT NOW: Blogging, watching the kids, considering a nap!…I CAN DO: knit, sew, take pictures
…I CAN’T DO: jog/run, water ski, clap and sing at the same time! LOL
…THAT ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FOODS: raspberries, spaghetti, eggs
…SHOWS I WATCHED WHEN I WAS A KID: Little House on the Prairie, Disney Sunday Movie, The Waltons


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing! Did you see the Mosaic I did? I'd love to see yours!
And, this smoke is nasty isn't it? We are staying inside as much as possible...bothers Eric's asthma too!

Heather said...

Those were my favourite programs on t.v. when I was a kid, too! I don't have a t.v. now, but when I get a chance to watch someone else's, there's nothing good on. Nothing like Little House, or the Waltons. Sad commentary of the world today.

How about you move up here - we don't have smoke or smog. Lots of wide open spaces and lots of fresh air and big skies.

Teresa said...

I did it, too, Theresa! :o)