Tuesday, June 10, 2008

102 Years Ago Today...

Holly Mabel Tisdale Hopkins was born in a little house on the prairie, in Edens Valley Township, near Sherwood, North Dakota. Her father and Uncle Harry had adjoining 160 acre homesteads. Grandma says that she was named after another adjoining homesteader, Miss Hall, whom they all called "Hall-y". However, since her Mother Winnifred had a 12 year old younger brother die who was nicknamed "Holly" (short for Hollis Hobart Kirkland), my guess is that she was actually named for him. Her middle name Mabel, is after her first cousin Mabel, daughter of her Uncle Tom, who died at about age 10 from appendicitis. Here she is pictured with her little brother Clifton K. Tisdale (1907-1963) who was also born on the homestead. This was taken about 1910 in Ilwaco, Washington.

One time when she was about the age of the above photo, someone told her that she had beautiful hair and she said, "I know." When her mother corrected her, she said, "But I do know. Everyone always tells me that!" LOL She had thick, wavy hair that had only minimal thinning (though it was white) when she died at almost 96.

This photo was taken about 1935. L to R Winnifred Kirkland Tisdale, Holly Tisdale Hopkins and Dorothy Winnifred Tisdale.

Growing up I often shared my birthday with Grandma Hopkins and didn't like that my birthday was always sandwiched in and shared with her birthday and Father's Day. How I would love that now! Grandma was born the day after her mother and my birthday is their two birthdays added (June 9+ June 10=June 19). I miss Grandma a lot, but I know I'll see her again! :o)

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Renna said...

I love the picture of her and her brother. They were both adorable, and I can see a semblance of you (from your picture in the sidebar) in your grandmother's face.

I am really enjoying your memorials to your relatives this week. I wish I knew as much about mine!