Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wellness Wednesday #29 (On Thursday)

Hello Everyone. Sorry I am late. We have just had a busy week. Whenever I think I have everything under control, something else gets thrown into the mix! And in my wellness journey there have been ups and downs. Today I am a little disappointed in myself as I stress ate (3/4 of a bag of small dove milk chocolates) the last two days. I'm trying not to beat myself up over it, but pick back up where I left off. I wish I could say that the Dove Milk Chocolate was horrible but it tasted good and it always feels great as it melts in your mouth. I don't think I want to know what is in it that makes it feel so good in the mouth! But I don't feel so good. I still am struggling over that lesson. My memory tells me that many foods are wonderful even though my brain knows that they are not good for me and really in effect are poisons to my body! Have any of you who changed your eating habits gone through this transition where you truly never want to eat it anymore? Or do you struggle if you start on something sugary?

The weigh in was discouraging, still at 317#. You might think that is no big surprise considering that I hate all those Dove chocolates the last few days. But, the other side of the story is that I started to exercise. I remembered my promise to you to try and walk ONE time before Wednesday. Monday I woke up and thought, "This is the day to start. If I don't then it will get pushed aside and not done before Wednesday." So Monday I did Leslie Sansone's Kick Walking DVD because I couldn't find the Faith Walk Leslie Sansone DVD. Tuesday I wanted to see if I could do the 2 mile walk and I could! Wednesday I did the 2 mile walk again and today I did the 1 mile walk! I am so proud of myself! :o) I actually had fun and this morning I woke up 15 minutes before Hubby's alarm and about an hour earlier than I usually do, so I got up and walked! I am having increased problems with my bursitis though. My hip joints are extremely stiff and feel like my legs are pinned on like Eeyore's tail! That is why I did 1 mile today as I figured it would keep me moving and in the rhythm of things without putting too much undue stress on my hip.

So did you exercise this week?

In addition to exercising, I wore the new pedometer. I was shocked the first day at how little steps I took, since the goal is 10,000 steps and 30 minutes of moderate exercise. I actually did get 30 minutes on all days but Monday but because of the way it records, that doesn't show (by strides and not all exercise is by leg strides). Monday I was at home and we did school and watched the Little House on the Prairie tv pilot movie together so not many steps taken that day. We had to chuckle when we realized that without exercising to a DVD or getting out of the house, we wouldn't be able to walk far as our house is about 44 feet long and with furniture there isn't much room to pace! LOL Seeing the low number was incentive though to get more steps in. I discovered that I could get in an extra 200 if I marched in place a I brushed my teeth! :o)

Thurs: 6288/19 mins moderate exercise
Weds: 7071/17
Tues: 4253/5
Mon: 3222/5

My goal for next week is to hit 10,000 on one day. I don't know if I will make it before Wednesday or not as I am leaving tomorrow for women's retreat at Lake Tahoe.

In addition to exercising this week, I have also tried some recipes from Sue Gregg's Breakfast cookbook. You can make some really great things in a blender! We have a Vita-Mix, but they can be made in a regular blender. You can download a couple recipes free. This week a favorite was an oatmeal waffle which uses old fashioned oat flakes (they get ground as flour) and are nice and fluffy waffles. I also made Good Morning Muffins. I didn't have buttermilk so used Vanilla Kefir. You throw in whole soft white wheat berries and it all gets ground up. The recipe tastes like a coffee cake. It has a little cinnamon in it and is darker in color but does not taste like "whole wheat". As a matter of fact you would not know it was "healthy" for you!

Part of my journey in health is also mental health. This week I have been getting our home school library catalogued in the computer. This will help me not duplicate purchases and be able to visualize where the "holes" are that need to be filled. And I purchased two new cheap book cases on sale at Walmart for $27. They are the fake put together in a box kind, but will do for now. We organized one shelf for all the art and school supplies and the second one will be for additional books. It really feels good to get some of this organizing done. I want to have our school area completely clean and organized so that when we come back from our vacation later in the summer, we will be ready to go.

Hubby has a two week break between regular school and summer school with the exception of a few inservice days the second week. During this time I am hoping to get more organizing done. For me these things are inseparable from my mental and physical health so they are just as important and starting to exercise. And of course I hope to continue exercising as well...and lay off of the Dove chocolates! LOL

How was your week?!


Wool Winder said...

Starting an exercise program is a great thing! The extra exertion probably burned up some calories and made you feel hungry, which may be why you succumbed to the chocolate. When I'm trying to lose weight I have to convince myself that a growling stomach is a good thing. It's not easy. Hang in there.

Dorothy said...

Congratulations - even if you haven't lost an ounce, starting to exercise in a step (literally) in the right direction. Very little exercise here as it has been raining all week. Absolutely NO excuse as I have a treadmill. However, I did order a wheat grinder. I have been borrowing a friends and even hubby is excited about it. He had his doubts. The bread is great and even without preservatives it keeps well. I'm still adding just a touch of white flour to transition us over, but will try some 100% whole wheat this weekend. You can take credit for this!

Marci said...

Theresa, my husband and I just started weight watchers together. We have all the material, we are just trying to put it into practice. I understand the struggles. I am excited to see that you are doing some exercising. Let it catch up with you and I believe you will start losing. I have ordered a pedometer, but it is not here yet. I had heard of the Lesley Sansone DVD's, but did not know there was a faith one. Do you really recommend them? Hang in there friend!! With God all things are possible.

Teresa said...

Theresa -- My Mom and I started the South Beach diet on Monday. Neal and I did this (by his doctor's request) in 2003. It is a great program. After the first phase where what you eat is very limited (no grains or fruit for 2 weeks -- but it gets you past cravings), then you incorporate healthy fruits and whole grains. It really goes along with what I believe about eating -- except it uses artificial sweetners which I am not crazy about. I'm using them right now to help me lose weight, but I will work good sugar back into my diet eventually.

The new SB book emphasizes exercise, as well. We've walked three days this week (missed yesterday). It's been good. I've lost 4 pounds since Monday. I know this will slow down, but I'm happy with what I've accomplished so far.

God is dealing with me in the area of food. I really think I've used it as an idol, and I'm learning a lot about that through a Beth Moore study I'm doing.

I pray that you'll continue on your healthy path, and find what works for you!