Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Prayers For Barbara

This is Barbara and her husband Ted cutting their wedding cake in 1959.

This is Barbara, taken with her family in March 2008.

A difficult decision was made this last week to discontinue chemotherapy for Barbara's brain cancer. The brain cancer is more and more aggressive and is affecting her brain's ability to do things like see, talk and walk. Outside of a miracle from God, it will be only a matter of time. Her family is trying to find the best care facility possible for her and hospice has been called in.

Please pray for Barbara's passing to be gentle and easy and that she will not be afraid.

Please pray for my cousin (her husband) and their two sons. Pray that they will feel the Father's loving presence and strength as they go on this difficult journey with their wife and mother.

Pray for my cousin Dan who is in Asia and is unable to come back at this time. It was a blessing though that he was able to see his Mom in March while she was still coherent and "herself". Still it is difficult to be so far away from your family at a time like this.

Thank you for praying for my family.


SNOWBIRD said...

My prayers are with Barbara and her family. I pray that God will give her peace and comfort.

Marci said...

I pray that God be very gentle with her and with her family. May she go quietly and in peace.

Wool Winder said...

Praying for all during this difficult time.