Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Week and Birthdays Part Two

More birthday pictures today so Grandma and Grandpa can see (and the rest of you). Blogger is being weird and won't let me move the pictures around so I am sorry you will have to view them in the weird order they are in. If you click on them they should get bigger.

First of all we started off the week by me having a root canal. Those are never anything you do for fun, but I have had a couple before and was not worried. This one was done at an endodontist and for some reason I have had a lot of nausea afterwards and my jaw and gums feel like I got really beat up! Dh's sister came and watched the kids and brought their presents. Besides the coloring books and stuff, she got them Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. J has Lemon Meringue and A has Strawberry Shortcake herself. They love them. K was telling us that when she got them for her daughter (the first time around LOL) they were so smelly (fruit scented) that she had to put them in a bag and hang them outside overnight! LOL Well, these are pretty smelly but they love them. Dh says they are just like our girls...they have the body of a little girl and a big head! HA HA! Inside family joke. (After 46 hours of labor with ds...there's a reason a C-section was eventually performed because the big head would go no further down that birth canal! And when they get measured at well baby visits, we always get comments.) Anyway, they fell asleep with them Monday night and there is a picture below.

Monday night hubby stayed up late trying to work on fixing something on our old computer. Both the cat and I were perturbed. Abbie kitty kept going down to get him . When she wants to get his attention she cries loudly and throws herself on the ground as if displaying herself. Apparently she feels if she is appropriately displayed, he won't be able to deny her dazzling beauty! :o) So she did this and hubby noticed sizzling noises coming from the electrical outlet. This is not generally a good thing. It's really not a good thing when you are in a 1972 mobile home with aluminum wiring! While hubby looked for a flashlight (so we could turn off electricity), I watched with phone in hand waiting to call 911. We could smell burning and there was a golden light behind the outlet cover. I decided to call my Mom and Jack and ask them to pray. Jack also walked us through a few things. We found the right circuit breaker, turned off electricity and since we could not feel heat on the wall, hubby removed the plate and then dismantled the outlet, wrapping the ends well with electrical tape so no arcing or circuit connection could occur.

Thank you Lord for the little orphan kitty we adopted during the first months of our marriage. He used our Abbie to get our attention. We are praising God...what would have happened if we were all in bed? Or if we were gone for the weekend?! What a relief. I am always a little fearful being in an old trailer. I remember when I was 9 a little girl the same age at my Grandma's church died in a trailer fire. We were living in a trailer at the same time too and I remember planning out in my mind what I would do if we had a fire and how I would get out. I don't know if my Mom ever knew that or not, but I obsessed a bit about that. It does make an impact on you at a young age especially when the child is the same age.

So, dh took off work on Tuesday so that he could do some electrical work to make sure we were safe. We got materials to start rewiring all sockets, outlet, switches and pigtail them with copper wiring instead of aluminum. This will help. It was really nice to have him home on J and A's birthday. So next I will tell you more about that. We started the day off with a customary birthday call/singing from Grandma and Grandpa and then filled the rest of the day with fun!

Okay, my dear blogless best friend Shelley who has photographed our family in vain! Do you see this picture? All five of us in semi-normal positions and expressions in one photograph...and NO, it was NOT photoshopped! LOL We took the girls for lunch at Red Robin Restaurant in Folsom. J is in pink and A in yellow. You can see that in yesterday's picture. The girls picked those out themselves.
Remember these are out of order, so here we have D holding up his Cars movie backpack/suitcase that we got him for our trip to see Grandma and Grandpa. Also D proudly shows his diapering prowess...he helped both sisters diaper their babies. We got them little diaper bags for dolls and they each had a small diaper in it. I had to laugh though because those doll diapers are *bigger* than the premie diapers I used on the girls the first couple weeks of their lives!
This is A and she is saying "Oh-oh! My baby has stink-y poops!" LOL
They also got lots of underpants for their BD. We are half way through potty training. I could be done but I am not going to push it since we will be going on the trip soon. With all the rest areas and stuff it is just easier to have diapers and then concentrate on it when we get back. They love their panties which I got them for insentive. Obviously they don't have the idea of what you do with these things. This is J tonight.
Whenever the girls do something that makes us laugh, Mr. D. has to follow suit! Here he is modeling the latest in Ariel (Little Mermaid) fashion...later I heard J call them "underhats"! :o) We are adding this to the growing collection that we will keep to show his future bride one day! LOL

D was really more excited about the birthdays than they were! They had Dora the Explorer party hats and plates.
I thought I had included pics from the cake, but I guess not...this is the after picture...can you see the little finger prints? We sang Happy Birthday and after they blew out their candles, A states loudly, "I want to EAT it!" LOL We said okay. Then J took a little finger and tasted the frosting and then next A. It reminded me of J on their first birthday and also myself, where we daintily tasted with one finger. (A on the other hand went full force just like my brother Danny did on his, digging in and having fun!)
This is A getting presents out of the bottom of the big Strawberry Shortcake bag which was practically bigger than her!
Here is A again putting on her new sandles. She is going to be our clothes horse and she loves shoes!
Here is A feeding her baby. J was too excited and not sitting in one spot so less pics of her at this point, in case you were wondering why they are all A.

A again, sleeping with Strawberry Shortcake!

Here is J thoroughly enjoying her chocolate ice cream sundae at Red Robin's. They sing and give you a complimentary birthday Sundae.
A finished hers and is inspecting to see if J really is at the bottom of her Sundae.
And last but not least here is the picture that goes with the first one, of D intently diapering dolls...he will make a great Daddy one day! :o)
The kids have been so naps, going to sleep late! Mom and Dad are exhausted! What a week it's been and we're only half over!


Carissa said...

What great pictures! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun! These days are so nice, and more than make up for all of the trouble they can cause sometimes!

Charlotte said...

I am so glad that you and your family had fun celebrating! I'm even more glad that the wiring issue was straightened out (?) and
that you are all OK
Love, Charlotte

Lynette said...

What an eventful week. Bet you are glad it is over & the wiring issue is fixed. I love strawberry shortcake as a kid (still do).

Paula said...

wow how scary about the wiring!
I am glad it got fixed.
The kids look excited and happy on their birthdays.
Very adorable pictures!
Love and prayers,