Thursday, March 01, 2007

World Book Day

And you thought this was a knitting blog! :o) Well, I have been doing a little knitting, a sock for Charlotte in our exchange and I started the Peacock Feathers Shawl from Fiddlesticks for my step Grandma in hopes of getting it done in time to deliver to her in person this spring when we visit our family in Washington. No pictures though. I've been too sick to do a whole lot and just not enough energy in the day. It's coming back, and hopefully quickly as hubby's birthday is Saturday and we are hoping to go to the San Francisco Zoo together as a family. We'll see. The kids are still sick too, but running around like crazy and not likely contagious. Is it spring yet?!

Anyway, Susan, who is our fabulous women's ministries director, posted about World Book Day, the first Thursday in March...a holiday I never knew existed! But I am definitely a bibliophile and it's a good thing that most of our books are in Banker's Boxes because if they were all in bookcases and an earthquake hit, we'd be gonners! LOL Anyway, Susan made a list of top ten books that you enjoy reading over and over. I'm leaving the Bible off because that is an obvious one for me and I have and do continue to read it over and over as I glean so much every time I read through it!

1. Anne of Green Gables series
2. Chronicles of Narnia series
3. Bodie Thoene's historical fiction series
4. Little Women, Rose in Bloom and all the other Louisa May Alcott novels.
5. The Secret Garden
6. Little House on the Prairie series
7. Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmermann
8. Rosamunde Pilcher books
9. Liz Curtis Higgs historical fiction set in Scotland and based on the stories of Rachel and Leah and Dinah
10. My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers

Now if I made a list of my ten favorite books that would probably be different, but when I think of books I would re-read, there are many that I really enjoyed reading the first time around but would not necessarily go out of my way to read again. The books I have listed above are ones I have either read several times or am planning to read again. I love a good story that draws you in and makes you feel like you are a part of the world, not that you are just reading about someone else's world. Inevitably I will think of some other books to post later that would have made the list "perfect", but I think I'll stop there! :o)


Danielle said...

Of those that I've read (which is most of them) I'd agree with her! Great taste in books, at least for fiction!

Theresa said...

Thanks Danielle! BTW, I grew up in your neck of the woods! Wish you had a blog!

Trish said...

Ummm Theresa-7 of your 10 "books" are series, lol. I've also read most of these, although never the Anne of Green Gables series. Don't know why.

Susan said...

Hi Theresa, I hope the zoo was a grand adventure!

Love your list! I haven't read 7, 8 or 9. Of those the scotland set intrigues me the most. First becasue of my scotttish (and grey) roots.

Secondly,I'm intrigued to see how those holy OT ladies madde it to scotland.

Thirdly, I bet their stories are awesome!

I forgot about Rose in Bloom! Didn't her uncle have her wear sahses made from scarves instead of belts.

Wouldn't it be lovely to take a reading holiday?

Thanks for suggesting these - such a nice thought vacation I've had.