Friday, March 09, 2007

Slowly Becoming Human Again...

Between my illness, my kids' illnesses and dental pain and visits and a touch of increased asthma from all the pollen floating around, I have been moving very slowly the last several weeks. But this week I did make it out to my Wednesday morning Bible study and that was nice.

And I made a baby blanket for my cousin...I'm the same age as my Aunt, her Mom, so I really feel more like her Aunt. But, anyway, my cousin is having a little boy and is due about March 31st. It's her first. My girls still love the fleece/fringe blankets that my cousin Wendy made them and drag them all over the house. They are good for little babies because they are soft on the floor and they can have some "tummy time" and play with the fringes! So I had two fleece pieces that were for my DS, now 5 1/2! I used those and I think it turned out cute. The pictures don't really do it justice.

I have been wanting to spin for quite awhile too and so today I pulled out my wheel and spun some of the Shetland roving that was gifted to me by Linda in the Life Overflowing Exchange (button lower right). Linda, if you're reading this, I've really enjoyed it! I feel like I am getting a bit more consistent in my spinning as far as the width of the created yarn. However, I think I am still getting parts over spun. I guess I won't know for sure until I ply it. I'm thinking this will be a DK weight when plied. It's very easy to spin. I think a nice Shetland roving would be good for a new spinner to learn with.

Well, maybe this weekend I will get a chance to go through the pics of Hubby's birthday last weekend when we went to the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary.


Carissa said...

The blanket is very cute! B was gifted with one that she liked too, and now A uses it. That looks like it will be pretty yarn.

Caroline said...

The blanket is very cute!

This is probably something you already know, but have you been using local honey? It's been known to help with allergies (small amounts of local allergens are present in local honeys, helping to build up a resistance to those allergens). We have worked hard to incorporate honey into our breakfast (oatmeal) and daily food (bread).

As for the overtwisted spots in your handspun -
1) Your fingers will eventually be able to feel minor inconsistencies so that you can change the amount of twist on the fly;
2) Some of that may even out in the plying (put the lazy kate as *far* away from the wheel as you can when you ply)
3) Don't forget to slow down occasionally; this will help improve your control over the wheel and treadling as well.

Good luck and feel better!

Melissa said...

What a good idea on the baby blanket. Looks simple, yet so cute!