Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well, here I am, it's my 5th Mother's Day (I count the one where I was 4 months pg because I was already a Mom then). This picture is actually for my Mommy! :o) This is the 8th Mother's Day that we have not been together and it really doesn't get any easier. I would say that my Mom's family was matriarchal. Grandpa died in 1962 so us grandkids really only know Grandma. We always gathered either at or with her for Mother's Day and Thanksgiving. These were special times, not without their own stresses, but they do hold good memories...good food, sharing gifts, talking, playing games, looking at everyone's latest photos. Mother's Day was often at Grandma's house in the sunshine, sometimes planting flowers. In later years, Grandma was less physically active, but she sat in her chair like the Queen Mum (absolutely no disrespect intended) and enjoyed watching all the activities as her chicks surrounded her. Somehow I always thought that when I grew up and had a family, I would be hosting large family gatherings too. But our family has spread to NC and CA and my children are the only ones in the next generation. I am no longer at the kids' table! How did that happen?! Everyone has busy lives. We all still love each other, care about each other, pray for each other, but somehow, something is lacking without those shared times. It is said that when God closes a door, He often opens a window...and so I am trying to follow Mary Engelbreit's advice and "bloom where I am planted", beginning new traditions, which aren't always easy with little people, and looking for the joy and the familiar in the new and different places and situations. I am so thankful to be celebrating as a mother today. It was not too many years ago that I was told I may have to give up my dream of having children, so I thank God for them all...even though I feel like I am going crazy! LOL And I thank God for all the women out there who are unable to be mothers biologically but who give their love and their lives to enriching and loving and teaching the little souls around them who are so hungry for nourishment. My life is better for several of these women in my life. Thanks Mom for all you have done too! I love and appreciate you. And thanks make the journey into motherhood worthwhile, bearable and adventurous! Posted by Picasa

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