Thursday, May 25, 2006

Okay, these posts are in reverse order so if you continue to read and make it to the bottom of today's posts, you will understand why my knitting blog is taking a sentimental bend! This is one of the most precious pictures I have of my Mother holding one of my girls (probably J based on the onesie) while my then 17.5 month old son D checked out his baby sister's hands. He always loved to lay his cheek on their downy soft hair. And when they had their caps on their heads he liked to pull them off. When we went in the car, it was like a game of "capture the flag" to him...he wasn't happy unless he had been able to snatch their little hats off! Now they are fighting over "Larry Boy" (Veggie Tales), who had what Lego blocks first and who is standing in front of who at the TV! Sigh... Posted by Picasa

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