Thursday, May 18, 2006

My friend Debra on the Christian Artisans list, who I recently visited, just had her little boy Andrew on Mother's Day. Please be praying for them. Debra had anemia and blood loss with transfusions and Andrew was sent to a hospital an hour away first for oxygen and now is on antibiotics, still for several more days. Poor Debra has not even been able to hold him and that just breaks my heart. I know how I felt when everyone got to hold my babies before me and I had to wait through surgery and recovery...such a short time in comparison! Anyway, in my quilting class I have been working on this. It's very simple...9 patch blocks and snow ball blocks. It'll be about 54" square when it gets borders on. Debra loves all things vintage so I picked out a fun 1930s reproduction print with little dogs on it. I am hoping to get this done in the next week or so, so that when Andrew is home from the hospital and Debra is feeling well, I can go visit again! :o) Posted by Picasa

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Debra said...

Oh! It is lovely!! just lovely.. I love the fabric too! thank you much my friend!