Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Is For...

This year I decided to join the ABC Along because I have enjoyed seeing others' posts in the past. There are still a couple days left to sign up if you are interested. Directions are at the link. A is an easy letter to start with. A is for Alphabet.

A is for Antique...this is the pincushion my Mom made as her first sewing project when she was 9 years old. I won't say how many years ago that was, but it does qualify as an antique. It has seen better days - it was once lavender and yellow. The author of this post is responsible for coloring on the button with a tailoring pencil and time and use are responsible for the "shabby but not chic" appearance. Since it is stuffed with sawdust, I cannot wash it. Mom says to photograph and toss. I haven't decided yet.

A is for Alaska...where several family members have lived since the 1920s. This summer Hubby and I hope to take a long overdue honeymoon in Juneau. This is where my cousin's Ted and Barbara live. Please pray for Barbara...she is the one with brain cancer.

A is for Princess A...who has a flair for melodrama. This is her Joanne Worley impression! LOL

A is for Baby A...A is twin B and J is twin A. She is notorious for saying "take a picture of this" and then doing something goofy which makes the picture taking impossible!

A is for Awl...This is an antique awl that I found in my Grandma Hopkins' button can.

A is for Applique...these are the flowers appliqued on my bedspread, a wreath of flowers around the log cabin blocks in the center.

A is for Art and Artist...this is a sketch of the water towers in Mendocino, CA by my Hubby who is talented as a pen and ink artist. Art plays a huge part in our lives and in my family. My Aunt Grace is also an artist.

A is for Album...this picture shows one shelf of my memory albums.

A is for Airplane and Airshow...these are the US Air Force Thunderbirds flying in formation over our house.

A is for Angora...a bunny fiber to spin. My step Dad got this for me either from Free Cycle or Craig's List.

A is for son D rarely stops moving. Here he is at Lake, dancing?

A is for Adventure...our family loves to go on adventures especially near water or out in nature.

A is for favorite season. This is the VFW memorial in Placerville.

Naturally, A is for Apples...These beauties were photographed at Apple Hill in Placerville/Camino.

And who could forget A is for Apple Donuts...which are one of our favorite treats.

A is for Animal...who thinks she is Queen of the Home.

A is for Amy who I Adore :o)

A is for Amaryllis...this variety is called Naked Ladies.

A is for Grandpa Hopkins who is on the left. He died when my Mom was 16 so I never met him. Besides being an avid hunter, he was a carpenter/chiropractor/pastor.

A is for Ancestors...this is a graveyard in a town in Michigan that my ancestor Erastus Hopkins pioneered.

A is for Atholl Pitlochry, Scotland. A stay here was a gift for my 28th birthday from my "English Mum".

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Phew! You made it to the end! :o)


Carissa said...

I just love your "A" post. And you humbled me with your kindness the other day. Thank you.

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

WOW! I am impressed. I managed to get one A thing and it was a stretch. you did and AWESOME job.

~~ said...

Wow, so many A's! You are quite the busy mother of precious little ones. :0)

Anonymous said...

Erastus is an *awesome* name! Love your As!

Donna B said...

That has to be the best, most thorough A post on the 'net. :-)
Enjoyed it all!

Wool Winder said...

And I had trouble thinking of just one. Great post!

Anne said...

What a lovely post - and a great way for folks to see and learn so much about you and your family. Thank you for sharing it :)