Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here's D working last night on his latest toy. He received 3 Lego Creator sets for Christmas. He has not stopped playing with them since! He even makes them in his room at night, sitting up on the top bunk with dim light until he obsessively completes something so that he can fall asleep exhausted. Last night Daddy had to go to the store to get a few things and came home with a Lego garbage truck "and it even has a little man Mommy!" I sarcastically asked, "Does it come with Lego garbage too?!" D can't read sarcasm well yet and innocently answered, "YES! In 3 different colors and there's a garbage can too!" LOL

Hubby took this picture of two of the things he has made. On the left is a race car and on the right is a crane. I wish he had gotten the crane from a different angle so you could see it's complexity. It came from a set that can make six different things and is designed for 6-12 year olds. He can put together all of the items and has even come up with a few on his own. He really wants to get the Lego Creator set for the rocket but it costs $60, so now he has to learn the lesson we all do of WAITING and SAVING!

As for the girls, I recently overheard them talking in their room:

J: Mommy and Daddy are twins because they go together!

A: No they're NOT! 'Cause Mommy is a girl and Daddy is a boy!

J: (in a deflated voice) Oh!

Yesterday, J held up A's half naked horseback Barbie doll that she got for Christmas and informs me, "Mommy, A's Barbies has 'breast-es' like you do!" GULP! (I was eating) Well, Barbie has gone through some changes including a 'breast-es' reduction and looks closer to normal, but still, I implored them to keep their Barbies clothed! LOL It is time for me to dig out my Barbie patterns and make some real clothes for them, not ones that look plastered to their body! Thankfully at this point they are more interested in Barbie's beautiful horse and combing its mane. Yesterday they were playing circus with Barbie's horses and their stuffed kitties. My what amazing tricks they can do! Gotta love childhood imagination! :o)


Amy said...

Yeah for Legos!! We'll have to get D and J2 together sometime. Yesterday he used the last of his Christmas money to buy...whatelse...Legos! Do you know the Lego magazine is free? It's bimonthly and might cause more Lego craving - but I think they are hardwired that way anyway! lol It's a favorite around here!
As for Barbies...well, I'm glad to hear she's a bit better porportioned. I loved them as a girl - so much imagination play. I developed a 'no barbie mentality' a few years ago (easy with no girls lol) but now I think she's better than bratz!! Hoping we can have a Lego/Barbie playdate someday! ;)

sherriknits said...

What a sweet post. I love seeing the concentration on his face.

My kids have gotten the Lego magazine, too...and they had fun looking at it, but LOVED getting the mail!

Come on by and visit my blog, I have something for you!

sherriknits said...

Theresa, I was just looking at your new blog design and I wanted to tell you that Eph 2:10 that you have in your sidebar is my favorite life verse. Workmanship (poemia)...His work of art, His love song, His sonnet...that verse just changed so much of how I saw myself.

Lynette said...

J is into star wars legos & Mars Mission, now they have have come out with Indiana Jones legos. When he gets them he will put them together once according to the instructions (small sets) after that he designs his own creations. He got several big sets, but I guess were to complicated or he was in impatience so I have never seen the actual set completed. but he has made up all kinds of star wars ships. And he mixes & matches sets.

Remind me to tell J story about sacrasam that happened at school last week. I may write about it on my blog but just in case ask me.