Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dorothy Lucille Larimore Johnson

This is my Grandma Johnson with my Dad in 1946. He was obviously teething as any mom would know by that wet shirt! :o) Grandma was 26 here and had already gone through a very, very hard life. I think I get some of my "guts" from her. Alzheimers ravaged her mind and she was sadly taken early at the age of 67. It makes me sad because we were so close and I was just growing in my relationship with Jesus - something I wanted to share with her. I believe she loved God but had not learned how to let Him heal all the broken places.

This is Grandma in the 1950s with my Grandpa Johnson's cousin Ray. This is undoubtedly somewhere near Ingall's Creek in Eastern Washington where my family loved to go camping and elk and deer hunting. Grandpa had permission from the forestry service to build a small A-frame cabin in the forest. They packed in and stayed there, but later it was demolished by an avalanche in the 1960s. This photo was probably taken pre-cabin, when they stayed in tents. These carts were called Merry Riders or Merry Packers...Mom? My Grandparents enjoyed many fishing, hunting, backpacking, horsepacking and other wilderness adventures until Grandpa was stricken with heart/lung disease. He loved photography and I am blessed to have many pictures of their adventures, especially when my Dad was a little sprout.

Grandma was the first baby born in Yakima, Washington in 1920, but grew up mostly in Kirkland, WA. She and I had a very close bond that began almost from the time I was born and lasted until our last meeting, just hours before she died. I wish she could have seen the woman I have grown to be and I sure hope that somewhere in her heart she said yes to God so that I can see her again One Day!

Dorothy Lucille Larimore Johnson

January 2, 1920 - July 12 1987

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