Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yesterday I began the long process of cleaning up my room so that I can finish the Christmas stockings I made last year (!!!) and do some other sewing for Christmas. My "room" tends to get stuff dumped in it because it is a small (8' square) dining room that we have curtained off from the kitchen and have a half wall/curtain separating it from the living room. It's the perfect hidey hole! LOL I share this room with the built in china cabinet/buffet (It's a 1972 mobile home) and our upright freezer. When you add in 14 boxes of knitting stash, 26 boxes of sewing/quilting stash, two bookcases, spinning wheel and stash, a sewing machine and a serger, plus sewing accessories, it gets cramped! Still I am thankful to have a little space and I hope that by getting it more organized I can be more productive. This oak veneered bookcase was my graduation gift from Mom and Jack when I completed tech school for medical assisting. I have always liked it becuase it is extra wide. Last Christmas Jack and hubby reinforced it with metal rods so that it would stay together. Previously it was bowing, which caused the shelves to pop out! The top row and some of the second are my favorite knitting books. The second row is mostly knitting patterns in the white binders (see next photo/post). The third row is mainly knitting magazines, but also some craft and quilting magazines. The fourth row is quilting patterns and the quilt books that don't fit with the sewing books on the other shelf as well as some stack trays where I put things to file since I am always printing stuff off from the internet! The bottom row is miscellaneous "stuff" that doesn't fit anywhere else. Keeping reading to see the rest of "my space"! :o) Posted by Picasa

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Pamela said...

Hey, your dining room is almost exactly the same size as mine (although I use mine as a study). Yet another thing we have in common :)