Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness...Yes there is still some goodness in the world. A neighbor down the road from my folks' mobile park used his tractor to clear out the church across the road, his neighbors and then came into the park, clearing the park's main road and the driveways of residences so that people could get their vehicles out. This is looking across the street from my Mom's. You can see how high the drifts were in places! Believe it or not I miss the snow! The one thing about snow in Washington is that it does not stay too long so you don't become as wearied by it as you do in places in the midwest or northeast where it might stay for quite awhile and get much more of it. It is however very windy and icy where they live which does make it dangerous, but you just have to use common sense! Thanks Jack for these pictures. Five years ago in January/February, I sat on the couch nursing baby D, watching the snow fly and the birds come in to the feeders. The world was all silent the way it is only when it snows and I felt cocooned inside with my little bundle of love! :o) Posted by Picasa

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Susan said...

WOW - you have added lots of content since I was here last and CHANGED your name.

I thought I was coming over for a quick visit but I see I'll have to come back - Justa s soon as finals are done.

Love this snow pix. I loved the CO snow (at least in Colorado Springs) for the same reason you love WA snow.

Have a blessed day, my firend. I'll be back soon with time and a cup of tea.