Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I thought I would share my tin photos for my friend Debra who loves vintage things! I hope to soon have her link back up on the right hand side. When I changed templates, they took my links away! :o( Anyway, my Mom and I used to go to Victoria, BC, Canada a lot when I was a teen/20s. I found this tin in an antique store. It is a Cadbury's Biscuit tin and is a colorized photograph of the Cotswolds. I am guessing this is from the 40s, possibly the 50s. This is what I use to store my sewing essentials and take with me to quilting class and leave on my table top for easy use so that I don't have to drag out my big plastic box with the rest of the sewing stuff in it. It is small but holds my Gingher scissors and a rotary cutter as well as thread, bobbins, needles, seam ripper etc. It has scratches and dents but I love it! The box in the next picture I am pretty sure is from the 40s based on the car styles in the painting. Posted by Picasa

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