Monday, June 13, 2005

This is my organizing accomplishment for the day. These are Wilson Jones binders that I got at Walmart, 3" D rings and "non-lift" view covers. They are a little bit matte looking vs the older shiny kind. They are $8+ but were worth it, they hold a lot and open with one finger with a lever at the bottom. The rings stay together. This was a problem on my older binders. I didn't buy them because they were view binders. I bought them because they were a good value for the type of binder they are. Man have they gone up in price over the years! Anyway, I have been working on sorting through my patterns and organizing them and putting them under dividers and while I was doing that I got the idea of using my scrapbooking paper to decorate them. I cut a 12x12 piece to fit the front cover so that when it is flat it looks really beautiful. There is about a 3" strip on the spine, so if you were going to buy you would need 2 12x12 sheets of paper for each (or if you used all the same paper one sheet would do 4 spine pieces). When I was making them I thought about my Grandma Holly who would have been 99 three days ago had she lived. She would have heartily approved and called me a "Smart Cookie"! Anyway, In word I made a 3 column page and used Lucida Calligraphy in bold and I typed the topics that I put on the dividers which are inside. I placed that on the outside so that I would know which binder to get when I was looking. I wanted to share this idea in case it helped anyone. Posted by Hello


Knitaddicted2yarn said...

I love your blog!! Your binders look beautiful - I also knit and am always looking for ideas for organizing.

I think your husband is wonderful -as a mom of an autistic boy I so appreciate all special ed teachers.

I think we share a lot of common interests (especially Maeve Binchy books and bible studies :-)

Take care.

Theresa said...

Thanks for all your great comments. I imagine that knitting is a great help in relieving the stress that naturally comes from having a special needs child. I know for me it is very relaxing. Since you enjoy Bible studies I hope that your faith is also an anchor in your life that strengthens you to love your family and keep going even when the going is tough! Hang in there and keep the faith! Thanks for visiting my blog.