Monday, June 13, 2005

This is dh's Fair Isle sweater knit in the round in worsted weight yarns. There is a combo of yarns...Philospher's Wool Company, Lamb's Pride, Harrisville Designs, Plymouth Galway and Cascade 220. This Philosopher's Wool pattern was originally in Knitters about 1990 and called Vienna Woods. I made one for myself in 1994 out of purples, teals and dark navy. The peaks bordering the wide grey band on teh bottom are a bright turquoise and that color is repeated a couple times but it doesn't look turquoise in the photo. Anyway, this is now called the Color Your Own Fair Isle and is seen in their book. I have this knit just about to the armpits and I have not decided yet whether or not I am going to do shaping for the arm holes like the pattern calls for or whether or not I will steek and knit the sleeve circularly down like I did in mine. These are the kinds of things that are difficult to do with toddler and preschooler help! :o) I started this sweater for dh when I was pg with ds who is now 3 8/12! It's not my oldest UFO though. Posted by Hello


Lou said...

Oh my. That sweater is beautiful! I love the colors! They are so beautifully balanced.

Theresa said...

Thanks Lou! I painstakingly swatched many colors for this trying to find what was "just right" for hubby. I need to get cracking on it and finish it.