Thursday, June 16, 2005

This is the beginning of my self patterning sock. Some of my non knitting friends were asking about this and how it works. This is my first experience knitting with this type of yarn as when I was knitting before it was not out yet (to my knowledge). It does have a slight jog in the pattern and I think maybe that is because I have a wide foot and am making it a little bigger than average so it ends up in a different space. It actually looks a little more even on the other side. i don't mind though. Now I am wondering what I am going to wear these with since I no longer have Birkenstocks which I used to wear with my hand knit socks back in the 90s. Of course normally here it is way too hot to wear socks in the summer, but today it was a whopping high of 64! Unheard of! Usually it's at least 94! We had rain, which is something else I have not see here this time of year and we are expecting more tomorrow...nice knitting weather! :o) I told hubby that we need to move somewhere colder so I can knit more sweaters!! I was talking to my best friend Shelley on the phone today about how much I was enjoying getting back to knitting and how the rhythm of it was comforting to me. She was telling me that in her psychology class in college they had studied rhythmic movement and given some long name to it, but to sum it's good for a person to release their stress! Well all of us knitters could have told them that without a study, huh?! :o) I have been fighting off a migraine so I didn't get the rest of my knitting and sewing organized the way I wanted to but it's getting there. I had hoped to get finished before this weekend. I can't remember if I wrote this in the last blog post or not but I am going to a machine quilting class with author Kathy Sandbach on Saturday. It is my birthday present (birthday is Sunday...I'm hitting the big 3-9! Woo Hoo! LOL). I picked it out myself! :o) Hubby likes it that I make it easy on him in the present department! He is so loving and giving in so many ways and such a great Dad, I feel guilty doing it on Father's Day weekend...he's the one that deserves the break! This coming week he will have a break between regular school year and summer school and I need to do some measuring on him so I can get going on finishing up his fair isle sweater! I want to have it so he can wear it this winter. Well, the brain is dead, so I'm closing for tonight. Posted by Hello

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