Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Next Project

Now that I am done with the self striping socks, it's time to start a new project! I do have several UFOs to finish however I am also plugging away at Chrsitmas gifts, birthday gifts etc. A few weeks ago I posted the pictures of the Alpaca Cloud lace weight. Today I hope to start with a lace "smoke ring" scarf with that. It was a pattern at Knit Picks that they recommended for the Alpaca Cloud so I am hoping it will work. Once there is something to see I will naturally post a picture of it.

Yesterday my 3 kids (1 preschooler, 2 toddlers) and I went to visit our friend L. She has a half acre "mini farm" in the next town over from us. It is so nice to be outside and on the grass and having a place for the kids to just run around and play. She had baby bunnies and two batches of varying ages of baby ducks. The adult sheep had been shorn and were looking pretty naked and the babies that are now about 6 months old are pretty big. Of course it is always fun to feed the chickens and I really had to watch my girls as they were into everything...you know those bunnies have sharp teeth! LOL We played inside for a little while because ds remembered the toys that L has left over from when she ran a daycare and we ate our lunch on her patio. As my Grandma used to say, "And a good time was had by all." :o) L is such a blessing to us. She comes almost every Monday and she plays with the kids...sometimes giving Mom a break while she takes them for a walk and sometimes we play all together. DS is very enamored with her and asks every day, "Is L coming today?" The girls love her to bits too. My older girl (by two minutes!) goes right up to L for loving and she is my shy girl who never approaches other people except Daddy! Yes, she is a blessing. This doesn't have much to do with knitting, but believe or not I do do things in life that don't include knitting! LOL

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