Saturday, November 01, 2008

Some Fun Sites

One of the fun things for me in learning digital scrapbooking is exploring my eclectic side. Those of you who know me IRL know that I am pretty conservative and a nerd! But I have a fun playful side that usually only those who know me best have witnessed. In my creativity, I struggle with being rigid, keeping things neat and just so. I am trying to "loosen up" and push the envelope a little and slowly it's coming. My work is far from avante garde, but I am playing with some grungy things, some whimsy and a little bit of what is called "realistic" (Generally incorporating a "real" photograph of something into the design, like having a picture of your child looking through a design element which is an actual window. It's hard to explain, but actually quite simple). Now I'd like to share a few sites that let me get my eclectic urges out:

Weeds and Wildflowers I love that their real pressed flowers are all about the lovely things their Grandma made with flowers from her own garden!

Scrapbooking Heaven is a German site with all kinds of funky stuff. A little bit of her stuff goes a long ways for me. The key word is moderation. But it's wonderful. I used her work on my Legacy of Love layout. Be sure to click on the British flag to read the site in English! :o)

Digital Scrapbook Art is another German site (with English available).

Jen Ulasiewicz has a Polish name but this site is American! She has a unique style of her own and I love it! Check out her brushes which would be great for heritage layouts. I have been learning how to blend these to create unique and interesting background papers. She has a lot of live images of flowers and leaves that are very beautiful too.

Most of these sites are having specials for the weekend in honor of National Digital Scrapbooking Day. Check them out.

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