Sunday, November 02, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking Magazines

Well, Digital Scrapbook Day/Weekend continues. I was able to complete all five of the treasure trails, which was fun. The only frustrating part was that 4 shared was down this weekend.

We are all dragging and it was a long day with plumbing issues from start to finish. Praise God they were able to be taken care of for $12 including a $6 flashlight and Hubby's elbow grease. Wouldn't you know, we had record rainfall yesterday! LOL By the time he got done, he really deserved the HOT shower that he worked so hard to make possible! We also had toilets overflow. We're not sure if it was girls who like T.P. or because of the storm and we are at the end of one of the lines.

So, today we have chosen a Sabbath of Rest. We do that from time to time, and no, we don't feel guilty about it at all! :o) Sometimes it is necessary. Hubby starts back up a full, long day tomorrow with his regular job, his tutoring job and teaching at U of P at night, so I'm glad he's resting today.

Now, wasn't this post titled "Digital Scrapbooking Magazines"? LOL

Having been a big fan of Simple Scrapbooks, I became a charter subscriber to Digital Scrapbooking Magazine. Soon I became discouraged because mostly it just showed layouts and what kits they used but very little how to. I think they now include more. And it would have probably helped if I had known a little more too. At the time it was all a big overwhelming mystery! I see now their website has a gallery, community, shop, etc. I will give them another try.

Scrapbook Dimensions is a new to me magazine that I tried for the first time this week. I really wanted Weeds and Wildfowers' whimsical new kit Just Earthy. It's on special now for $5.60 and normally is $8. They had a note on the description (wonderful of them!) saying that the kit was also available in Volume 2, Issue 3 of Scrapbook Dimensions. You subscribe online and it says that you can save a pdf (which didn't work for me?) or print (way too many pics!). But it is available until March 4, 3007, so I think I will have time to access it! :o) Normally it is $7.99 an issue (yearly rates also available), but this was on special for $6 and included a FREE download for the Just Earthy kit!

Inside there was an article about the Weeds and Wildflowers gals - a Mom and her two daughters, how neat! I loved the fact that the mom didn't allow the girls to have coloring books... only white paper to draw and color and use their own imaginations. She exposed them to art and theater in the Seattle area and always played music. Gee, she could have been a Charlotte Mason homeschooler! :o) It was fun to hear the background of someone whose designs you appreciate.

In addition to Justy Earthy, there is another digital kit and lots of tutorials, so it was definitely worth the $6.00. Now I just need to get used to the online format.

Digital Artisan Notebook is the only digital scrapbooking magazine I have subscribed to at this point. You join the Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild and the magazine comes with it. Several vendors also offer singles issues for sale. The kits that come with it are incredible works of art, no cheap freebies there! Membership can be purchased in 3 month increments, which is nice. There are articles, tutorials, free downloads and coupons. Each issue can be downloaded in pdf format.

Bella Scraps is a little less graphic, softer, gentler on the eyes than some of the digital magazines. I received a free January 08 issue at one of the scrap stores online, but I'm sorry to say that I do not remember which one! Same types of info - free kits, articles, how tos etc. This magazine can be downloaded in pdf format.

Digital Artist Magazine was the first magazine that I downloaded in pdf. There is so much in this that I haven't finished reading! It has the same type of information as the others, but seems to be more advanced.

Ready-Set-Create is another magazine that I would describe as simpler. That's not a derogatory term. There are different focuses in art. Some are really WILD! Some are complex, some simpler. What I like about this magazine is that it describes a lot of different uses for digital scrapbooking besides just pages for a scrapbook AND it is inexpensive. As a matter of fact, you can try it right now in the next couple of days for $2. You download it as a pdf and enjoy!

If you have any other recommendations... I'm all ears!

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