Saturday, November 01, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking... Next To Nothing

I started this post last week. I'm not going to finish it! LOL It grew and grew and grew and grew... and I could spend days making it grow more. There are a lot of generous designers out there. If you are just getting started in digital scrapbooking, you can do a lot with the free kits and then once you know what you like and how to do it, you will know what you would like to buy. Also, If I like a designer and I use a lot of their freebies, I think it's only fair to repay their generosity by buying a kit or two from them. Likely, most of them are Moms and small businesses, not corporate big wigs and they are working hard to grow their design business. Have fun looking at the links.

Faith Sisters is a great site of Christian designers. Many kits have Scripture word art or papers themed to life events in the church, like baptism, communion and missionary service. They also carry regular themed kits as well. They have 84 Freebies in a variety of categories and currently have 34 items in the dollar bin. Their Sisterly Love mega collaboration kit is $10 but the money goes to their World Vision child, Genesis and her family.

Digital Scrapbook Art, a German site, which you can view in English, is one of my favorite sites and I have used several kits from Verena Karolyi, a designer featured there. Currently, if you spend $10 you will be sent a coupon code to receive their Autumn Harvest Mega Kit, free! Check out the Specials Page for some incredible deals! Their Limited Freebies Page has some free page kits which are fun to use when you are just getting started.

Shabby Princess is a charming little shop where the downloads are free! The kits are of a nice quality and worth downloading.

Digi Scrapbook is a French Canadienne store (if it comes up in French, there is a place on the lower left to switch to English). This links to two pages of free sets and quick pages. They have some lovely sets in their regular store, including several pages in their dollar section . The dollar kits are actually slightly less than a dollar in American $. One thing to note, a few of the files come in a zipped format from a different type of software. When I tried to open, Windows Solutions gave me a site where I could download a trial use of the software that opened it. I then unzipped the file and kept a copy of the unzipped kit for future use.

When you sign up for RAK Scraps you receive an email each month for a free download that is available from the 15th to the end of the month. Sometimes the kits are really neat and sometimes I could honestly pass. But these are given as RAKs so I am thankful people are willing to do something like this. Check out the site for free tutorials as well.

I think Scrap Wow is a sister site to RAK Scraps as I first signed up here and then learned about RAK from them. You purchase a year membership which was $19.99 and with that you receive a lot of freebies initially including some ebooks and mega kits. Then each month there is a new kit. This was a good way for me to start out, but now after finding all the cool sites, I don't know that I would sign up for it again. That being said, I have received some lovely kits from here from designers who I have seen on the bigger sites. I surmise that many designers start out with places like RAK and Scrap Wow, then move on as they improve and become more well known. Noteworthy on this site are the beginner tutorials.

Cottage Arts has a Simply $1 section filled with goodies.

Digital Scrapbook Place has a newbie 101 that answers some questions and if you sign up for an account you can access downloads through their "Freebie Gallery".

Shabby Pickle has a section called Free With Purchase so that you can see which ones of their designs come with exta freebies. Usually it is something like buying the kit and getting an extra set of embellishments free or extra papers or a quick page. Don't forget to check The Pickle Barrel for bargains!

Scrap Artist is another of my favorite haunts. They have beginner forums with lots of free tutorials and a Freebie Section. Check out their galleries for some awesome art!

Of course I can't leave out Free Digital Scrapbooking

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