Friday, August 18, 2006

Finally I got the Eleganty Simple Triangular Shawl for Heart Strings finished! I did not have sunshine to photograph this in, but it is outdoors so I could do it without flash to get natural coloring. It is quite large, about 48" long and about 96" wide. It's really nice that way though for a larger person. This was made for someone through my shawl ministry and they will be receiving it soon. Her name is Kathy and it is fitting that she should be the first to receive through my new ministry because she also is battling ovarian cancer, just like Nancy who inspired my knitting ministry. If you feel led, please pray for Kathy whose cancer has returned. Posted by Picasa


Knitti-me said...

Beautiful! My thoughts and prayers are with Kathy.

Wendy said...

My thoughts are with Kathy, you are so generous and loving to make that for her.

I hope you have a chance to join my bulletin board. I have the details about it posted on my blog. :)

Lou said...

The shawl is beautiful. My thoughts and prayers are with Kathy.

Cary said...

Theresa, how absolutely lovely! You are so talented and dedicated..and I LOVE the photos of all of you hugging the shawl, what a really neat idea!!!

Sending YOU a hug, too ;) One of these days, my shawl will be finished to (unless it decides to become a scarf in which case it will be finished sooner - LOL!)