Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here is Debra showing me how to use my drop spindle...I need to do some more practice, but it's hard to do this with the kids! :o) Posted by Picasa

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deb from NC said...

Hi Theresa..I love your blog! Posted to this picture as I have thought of Debra often and have her in my prayers along with every one else at CA. One of your pictures reminded me of me! You look like me. I am starting to gain my strength back but still need much prayer! I am off to the hospital next week for another spinal tap and MRI...because of my breathing issues from the thoracic discs I have to be put to sleep and intubated for both. Still having the same sxs. Great that you got to visit Debra. I too have met many CA members...Deborah,Trish and June!
Take care and God Bless
Deb S from NC