Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wellness Wednesday #28

Hello Everyone. I just checked and it has been one whole month since I posted a Wellness Wednesday Post! I bet you all thought I "went off the wagon"! LOL You can see there has been a scarcity of posts in general and that is because actual real life takes precedence over cyber and blogging accomplishments. Though I am overwhelmed, things are okay and heading in a good direction. In order to do a better job of being a Wife and Mom, I am reorganizing my life schedule and cutting out some things, that though they were not bad, did distract me from the path that God has placed in front of me. I do plan to continue blogging and working on my health and updating my much neglected My Journey To Wholeness blog.

Today I weighed in at 316#. Disappointing. Not surprising. This seems to be a natural place to settle on my body's thermostat and I don't think I'll continue losing much if any weight without adding exercise.

Progress has been made on that front. When I was at our HMO's pharmacy I bought a pedometer to see how close I actually get to the recommended 10K steps a day. It was $10 and clips to my waste band. A small investment. Now, I just need to take it out of the package! LOL Also, I am continuing to have therapy on my left hip bursitis. It has helped some and I have more mobility but also aching in my leg and hip in different areas than before. Before going for the big C (cortisone shot), I decided to try a Dexamethasone patch and that has helped some. Unfortunately, I believe it will probably take several years to heal as the way I sit and walk is affected by the amount of fat on my body! So my goal is to have walked at least one time before I write next week. That may sound like a whimpy goal, however, I have therapy appt tomorrow and Friday and Saturday I will be going to our local home school convention.

While we were gone over Mother's Day weekend we ate several meals out. This confirmed to us that what we are doing on the home front is definitely in the right direction. Our stomachs just did not feel good eating all that chemical food!

My original goal was to be below 300# by my anniversary trip in August. I am thinking that to do this, I may have to actually diet, which because of previous "issues" I have been avoiding, but if it hits triple digit, may not be too hard. It gets too hot to cook or eat! LOL

So this is a boring post today, but I'm just jumping in and getting my feet wet. Hopefully I can come up with something more interesting next week.

And for those of you waiting for blogiversary giveaways... I'm going to the post office on Friday morning.


Dorothy said...

You know what they say about a journey of a thousand miles beginning with one step. You walk one time before you blog again and then the next time two and it will add up. I've started grinding my own wheat (with a borrowed grinder). It makes great bread and I know it's so much better for us.

Wool Winder said...

I've been wanting to try a pedometer. I'll be interested to hear how well it works.

Deborah said...

I wish you would try the lemonade diet. I like to do it in the summers. It is so good for jumpstarting and getting one back on track. You flush so many toxins and feel so great when you are done. It will also flush out some fat cells during the process. I'm planning on doing it again this summer once it gets really hot and I am ready to slow down a bit.

Charlotte said...

Rock on, Theresa.
Small steps, one at a time, are shown to lead to the most long lasting, best, long term changes. (AKA not-wimpy)
Pedometers are cool. I have one, too. I started taking the stairs when I started my new job, and after 6 weeks I can hike up four flights without feeling like I'm going to explode by the time I get to the top.


Phro5gg said...

Now is the time to start hitting the farmers markets for some great produce! We have so many of them in our area you can find a day and time that works for you.