Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hi Grandma and Friends!

The kids wanted to say hi (and their horses too!) to Grandma and Grandpa and "our friends"! :o) My English Mum Lily, Terence and Beverley are visiting my folks this week and sadly we couldn't be there, but I have had some fun talking to them on the phone. I really miss them. (A in pink, J in purple)
This is D when the pics were taken, wearing his "Larry Boy" shirt from Veggie Tales. His hair was getting so long that people were going to start asking if I had three girls! LOL
So, Mom gave him a hair cut and this is what we got! LOL I picked up the wrong clipper guard off the floor and gave him two swipes before I realized I was making him bald! I'm sure you can see where it is in the photo. It looks like he is covering his mouth as if to say, "Oh my goodness!" Actually he was yawning, but the photo does make a cute conclusion! :o) Fortunately his hair grows really fast and it is HOT here already so no harm in the short hair cut.

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bookwoman said...

You know, my husband got an "accidental" hair cut like that once. He's been getting the same hair cut in the 11 years since.

It looks cute. And I bet it'll be nice and cool this summer.